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Volatilitys Perfect Storm

By Andy Waldock First, public complacency was the highest it has been since the summer of 2007. Every bailout and new government program bolsters the warm and fuzzy investor psyche that allows us to believe everything will work out. The Volatility index measures the cost of protecting your stock portfolio through the purchase of put […]

British Investors Rest Assure Gold Hits a Record High

By Jack Wogan For the British investors and also for those in the euro zone the precious metal has never been so high. This is happening in a time when the financial stability has been greatly disrupted. Last year in August, the price of gold in sterling terms was 562 pounds and so the British […]

Commodities Insights The US Government Provides Inside Information in the Commodity Markets

By Floyd Upperman The U.S. government publishes a weekly report called “Commitments of traders” or “COT” which provides a very unique view of the futures and options market from the inside looking out. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) is the U.S. government agency responsible with policing and regulating trading on U.S. futures and options […]

Silver American Eagles How to Not Buy Fake American Silver Eagle Coins

By Mike Irons Coin fraud is a reality. However just take these easy steps and you will know how to identify and avoid buying fake American Silver Eagle coins. The easiest and best way to avoid becoming a victim of coin fraud is by accumulating knowledge of what a genuine coin looks like and then […]

Trading Futures For Beginners

By John L Cruz Many people have gained an understanding of trading in futures through experience. Futures are excellent trading instruments and much less complicated than the other trading options. Traders still need to be aware that there is a risk of loss. And yes… times, the loss can be substantial. Therefore, traders need to […]

Emini Scalping What You Need to Know

By John L Cruz Online trading has greatly increased interest in trading systems and methodologies, and many people are making money from investing on a day-to-day basis. Traders compete against each other on financial markets, and each trader has his or her own techniques and tools they use to profit. Emini scalping is a technique […]

Will the Value of Silver Dollars Increase in This Economy?

By Ray Higdon There are a lot of different silver dollars out there in America, this article discusses the American Silver Eagle Dollar. There is an overwhelming increase in demand for the American Silver Eagle which begs one to ask, will the value of silver dollars increase or with the increased demand, decrease the future […]

Spread Betting on Gold What Next For the Precious Metal?

By Stacey Harris Gold prices recently hit the psychological $1000 per ounce mark for the first time in six months. But what affects the price of gold? Can the recent rally be sustained? And how can financial spread betting help you profit from fluctuations in the value of gold? Traditionally, gold has been seen as […]

Propane Futures What Are They?

By Kenny Port Everyone by now is aware of the commodity futures markets of crude oil, gasoline and natural gas. But are you aware that propane also trades of the futures exchange? Propane futures have traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange since August of 1987. They are traded on the same floor as crude […]

Commodities An Important Part of Our Lives and an Attractive Investment

By Allan Barry Laboucan To get an appreciation of how important commodities are to our daily lives, all you need do is take an inventory of all the products you use everyday made from commodities. You can start your list with the computer you’re reading this article on. Not only is it made of several […]