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How to Attain the Best Interest Rates

By Ricky Deez Because of the fact the world is always on the threat of an economic meltdown, you must secure your future very well especially if you are an IRA account holder. Now, your main goal must be to find the best interest rates. If you are into a long term savings plan, it […]

401k Loans The Pros and Cons

By Ken Fong In a pinch and really need cash? If you have been paying in to a 401k account through your employer and have over one thousand dollars contributed and vested, you qualify for 401k loans. These loans are meant to help you out of a financial hardship. Whether it is tuition that needs […]

401k How to Increase Its Potential

By Alfred Spengly The federal limit for how much you can contribute each year is currently $16,500.00 for anyone under 50 years old. Well, did you know that most people cannot even come close to this amount? But there is an exciting way to really increase your retirement savings, and even catch up if you […]

How to Protect Your Inherited IRA From the IRS

By Robert B Scott At the end of 2008, Americans had over 14 Trillion [1] dollars stashed away in retirement accounts. This is a massive amount of money that has been growing tax deferred for over 35 years in some cases. As the baby boom generation begins to reach life expectancy, the amount of money […]

The Best IRA Rescue Plan is Not a Traditional Or Roth IRA

By Rocco Beatrice Roth IRA on Roids is the Better Alternative to the Traditional and Roth IRA Roth IRA on Roids is like a savings account deposited with an insurance company, rather than a commercial bank, such as Bank of America. It’s an improved wealth-building tool. The purpose is to grow your retirement nest egg […]

The Living Cheap Guide to When You Should Stop Your 401K Contribution

By Scott Siegel Living cheap among other things means learning where and when to save your money. One of the areas that has generally been a sacred cow of savings is your 401K. The consensus has always been, no matter what keep contributing to your 401K. It is time to reconsider that advice. If you […]

Why Im the Boss and Hate My 401K Plan

By Steve Meidahl “My 401K is useless,” says the business owner. “Why?” “I don’t get to save any money. Unless the employees save some mysterious percentage and, even then, if lucky, I’m limited to 6% or so, which really doesn’t help me much.” “OK. What if that wasn’t true?,” I ask. “Huh?” “You’ve been sold […]

Get In? Get Out? Stay Put?

By John Moynihan After five consecutive years of stock market advances, 2008 has certainly proved to be a difficult investing environment This is the not the first time we have experienced down markets but this one might seem different due to recent velocity of the down turn in the market. The markets will rebound from […]

The Facts About a Real Estate IRA

By Ed Gosselin Trying to learn the facts about a real estate IRA? Holding real estate in IRA accounts has been allowed since the laws were written in 1974, but only about 5% of all account owners choose this option. Why? Primarily, it is because the more “traditional” custodial companies are brokerages or other financial […]

Are 401K to Roth IRA Conversions Profitable?

By Jack T. Riley Many people have a 401K, perhaps from a previous employer that they are no longer paying into, and want to roll it into a Roth IRA for the tax benefits of those accounts. Is a 401K to Roth IRA conversion profitable in the long run, or is it a waste of […]