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Low Minimum Equity Mutual Funds

By Troy Pryczek In essence, mutual funds were created to work for the small or conservative investor. But while most banks will open an interest bearing checking or savings account with $100 and you can get a Certificate of Deposit for under $1000 at about double the interest rate of the above account, it is […]

Mutual Funds Investing in Green China

By Troy Pryczek East Asia has been a growing economic sector for the last couple of decades. In the coming time they are bound to see a strong economic and social development. A report from the Washington desk of Reuters clearly shows that South Korea, China and India are amongst world’s top 20 largest economies […]

Top Mutual Funds Hints and Tips

By Troy Pryczek Mutual funds are tricky beasts to deal with for investors who don’t fully understand the fundamental differences between them and how those differences can affect their individual portfolios. All mutual funds are classified according to the amount of risk involved contrasted against the expected return value. They are also classed according to […]

Mutual Funds Management, The Easy Way of Doing it

By Mercy Maranga What this simply means is how to take care of your investment which you have already done inform of mutual funds. You can choose to hire a manager who will take care of the strategies to take in order for you to reap maximum benefits from your invested money. You can also […]

Commodity Mutual Funds, The Best Way to Invest Your Money

By Mercy Maranga When you have some money you want to invest, then you could think of investing in commodity mutual funds. This investment is considered potentially rewarding because it has a hedge towards inflation. This is to say that the prices of commodities go hand in hand with the inflation. This is a fact […]

Whether Investing in Commodities is Right For You

By Alex Villanueva Commodities are currently the “hot” investment thing. Magazines and business cable channels are constantly talking about them. The whole thing bears an uneasy resemblance to the dot com craze of the late 90s. Commodities are a legitimate investment and there is a purpose for them. However, not everyone should be putting their […]

Navigating the World of Mutual Funds

By Andrew Brake Since the 1920s, mutual funds have helped Americans achieve their financial goals. Today they are one of the most popular investments. According to the Mutual Fund Education Alliance, more than 80 million investors in the United States own mutual funds. But if you’re like most investors, you may have questions about different […]

The Best Time to Invest Money

By James Leitz The best time to invest your money is NOW … if you understand diversification and dollar cost averaging. Look at it this way. If you don’t invest your money, you’ll either spend it or earn low interest rates as a saver. The only way to get ahead is to learn how to […]

How Do Mutual Funds Work

By Dilip V Mohan How Funds are sold Mutual Funds primarily depend upon individual agents and distribution companies to market their schemes to the investors. Nowadays, they also market their schemes directly. The individual agents who sell schemes of various Mutual Funds also act as financial advisors to many investors. Hence they are required to […]

Investing in Mutual Funds

By Joe Durocher A mutual fund is the same as trusting someone else to do the investing for you. Quite simply, mutual funds were created to eliminate the research and time constraint that would be required if an individual had to do it all on their own. As you are probably aware, mutual funds are […]