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Tips For Finding a Quality Business Attorney

By Billings Farnsworth Any small or large business must deal with the legal issues and ramifications of their profession. From contracts to lawsuits to leases and more, companies without quality legal advice and assistance could find themselves in tight problems with the government, clients, or their employees. None of these demands, however, means that it […]

Avoiding Shareholder Litigation

By Robert M Heller Assert Inspection Rights. This can result in some surprising revelations which, in turn, may lead to interesting results. Expand Board of Directors. Expanding a company’s Board of Directors can avoid and/or eliminate a deadlock. It may also bring in a fresh point of view. Purchase Control. If the shareholders each own […]

An Arbitrators Powers Are Limited

By Robert M Heller There are differences between arbitration and litigation: An arbitrator has no authority to order an in camera review of information protected by the attorney-client privilege, the absolute work-product doctrine or the conditional work-product doctrine. Only a judge has the power to conduct any sort of review, and then only on materials […]

Are You Personally Liable For the Acts of Your Corporation?

By Robert M Heller Do you own a business as a corporation or an LLC, and think you’re insulated from personal liability? Think again. There are numerous ways that a shareholder of a corporation or a member in an LLC can be held personally liable for the acts of the entity. One, in particular, is […]

Why Dispute Resolution Provisions Matter

By John L. Watkins Commercial contracts of all types, ranging from sales agreements to merger agreements, often contain “dispute resolution” provisions. These provisions typically govern what happens if there is a claim or dispute arising out of or relating to the agreement. In essence, the dispute resolution clause is a contractual agreement as to how […]

Forming an LLC

By Michael Barnson Doing business with an LLC or a Limited Liability Company is flexible and sensible in the long run. This gives you the advantage of getting tax benefits as for a partnership and the personal protection offered to corporations against business debts all rolled into one. Forming a limited liability company requires a […]

Should You LLC It?

By Lance Winslow As we head off into an economic expansion period, after this rather harsh recession many people will be starting their own business, or their businesses will start making a lot of money. It makes sense to shield your personal assets from potential litigation, and risks. Therefore, it might be wise to start […]

How Pre Paid Legal Services Saved Me a Bunch of Money on Taxes

By Carl Coffin I purchased a Pre-paid legal membership two years ago. As a member I pay $26.00 a month for a wide range of legal services. One of the benefits that came with the membership was the ability to pick up a phone anytime during normal business hours and speak with an attorney. If […]

The Benefits of a Limited Liability Corporation

By Jeff Ryan If you are like an ever increasing number of people, you may have made the decision to start your own business. Indeed, the number of individuals who have elected to develop their own business enterprises has risen dramatically over the course of the past decade – a trend that is expected to […]

Thinking About Incorporating? Read This First

By Sheryl Schuff What does it cost to incorporate your business? Every state charges some fee to process your paperwork. In Indiana, it costs $85 plus a small credit card processing charge to file Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. Should you pay someone an additional fee to actually do the filing for […]