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Theory of the Games A Criminal Research on Organized Crime

By Artur Victoria Some decades after the formulation of John von Neumann, there is today in the resumption of the scientific research involving the application of the theory of games, whose base is the mathematics that aims to explain and quantify all forms of human interaction and living beings in general. Its object of study […]

Is Your Spouse Lying?

By Jason Perry You may have noticed some unusual behavior from your significant other such as spending a lot of time ‘at work’ or perhaps more time than normal ‘out with friends’. These are the obvious signals that something could be going on. However, the more subtle indicators that you are being lied to are […]

Electronic Document Preservation For Lawsuits E Discovery Obligations

By Martin Rosenbaum As soon as litigation is contemplated or threatened, it is essential for all parties and their counsel to go beyond paper file searching, and consider what electronic data and information exists that may need to be disclosed. Rules of Court generally require all parties to litigation to disclose to the other parties […]

How to Identify and Locate a Cyber Bully With a Reverse Email Search

By Ed Opperman Are you the target of a Cyber Bully? A recent survey conducted by Edith Cowan University reveals that up to 10 per cent of children say they have been subjected to cyber-bullying over the Internet or on mobile phones. In the US, 50 per cent of young people were being cyber-bullied and […]

Internet Jurisdiction Can You Sue From Home?

By Michael A. Goldstein If you purchase an item on a small business website, but the product you receive does not conform to the specifications as indicated on the merchants website, what can you do? Can you file litigation in your home state, or must you sue them where the company is headquartered? Moreover, do […]

CAN SPAM How to Comply With Anti Spam Rules For Mass Email

By Elizabeth Potts Weinstein If you send emails to or from the United States, then you may need to comply with the anti-spam requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act). This article contains the basics of what a small business owner or internet marketer needs to […]

Legal Music Downloading

By Jakob Culver Internet Music downloads have come a long way in a small amount of time. Just a few years ago music companies and individual artist were in an uproar over music download sites. Music download sites such as Napster allowed online users to share and download music for free. Many individual citizens that […]