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The Real Deal About Identity Theft

By Tina L Douglas This part would still discuss the many facts about identity theft and a couple of guides will also be provided to help prevent individual consumers from becoming victims of the fastest growing identity theft crime in the United States. 1. The internet perpetuated identity theft. Technology played a lot of part […]

Protecting Your Mail From Id Theft

By Tina L Douglas Identity theft is steadily on the rise and it is considered to be the top crimes that are on the rise in America. On the average, at least 10 million Americans are being victims of identity theft and the numbers are steadily rising. We often take for granted our mailbox and […]

Identity Theft Trend in 2010

By Puripong Koomsin Due to the economic state all over the world, today the cases of identity theft are rapidly increasing. Furthermore, this means that soon there will be a lot more, because the world economic will still be in recession. When you read that you probably wonder what to expect, so in that article […]

4 Tips to Fight Identity Theft

By Garen Arnold It is so unfortunate that we live in a society where people lie and cheat. Today I want to talk about a crime that is effecting everyone nationwide. It is identity theft and chances are you probably know someone that was victimized by it. The effects of identity theft effect our credit […]

Keep Your Social Security Number Secured

By Toddy Martin Your Social Security Number or SSN is a number that is connected to all your legal transactions. You use it to open a bank account, for your employment and tax records, and when you apply for a loan among others. When someone gets access to this number, the likelihood that you will […]

Identity Theft and How You Can Avoid It

By Jesse Whitehead Having your identity stolen can cause a lot of problems in your life. No one wants the stress of having to straighten out all the mess caused by identity theft, yet it occurs with great frequency each year to millions of people in the United States and around the world. Fortunately, there […]

Data Theft 3 Winning Strategies For Peace of Mind

By Virgil Stanphill Imagine opening your mail and learning your credit card information had been stolen, and you were being issued a new card. Or imagine discovering your personal information had been compromised over the last six months while shopping at your favorite retail store. The first response people usually have when they’ve experienced data […]

Consequences of Credit Card Identity Theft

By Steve Cabouli Credit card identity theft is simply a category of ID theft, for which your credit card is used as a means for illicit purposes. Usually, CCs are used to perform fraudulent activities such as to withdraw funds from your account without your authorization, purchase goods in your name, and to obtain bank […]

Identity Theft Alert

By Syd Tash The risk of identity (ID) theft has been with us for a long time. With our high-tech toys like computers, smart phones and bank machines, keeping your private, sensitive information, well, private, has become more complicated. In this article, we are going to review some dos and do nots, in the form […]

Crosscut Shredding Machines A Vital Weapon in the War on Identity Theft

By Mark H Stevens The danger of identity theft is on the rise. Many citizens are becoming conscious of how speedily their data that they want to keep private and secure could be so easily at risk. This is why paper shredders are becoming more prevalent. If you’ve never thought about the benefits that one […]