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A Licensing Primer For Musicians

By Gary Goldstein Without the talents of musicians, movies would be less suspenseful, cartoons would be a little less entertaining, and long waits on the telephone would be filled with silence. With the incredible impact music has on our everyday lives, you would assume that being a musician is very profitable. Unfortunately, many musicians have […]

World of Warcraft If Players Are Scammed By Gold Sellers, Do They Have a Right to Complain?

By Lee Ruleman Recently I spent some time reading complaints from World of Warcraft players who were scammed when buying virtual gold with real world, hard earned money. It seems that there are a number of gold clearing houses that are not living up to their promise of transferring the purchased amount of gold to […]

Protect Your Invention 2 Inexpensive Legal Ways

By Arik Bannister There are two legal ways to protect your invention that you will want to consider before spending thousands of dollars on a patent. But before we get into that, you need to understand how intellectual property rights work. Intellectual Property includes patents, trademarks, servicemarks, and copyrights. A) WHAT IS A PATENT? A […]

If You Are Good at Science and Want Good Money Consider a Patent Law Degree

By Maja Aleksic What is Patent Law – Intellectual Property Law? There are four main types of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. The patent system exists in most industrialized countries and is designed to reward inventors and authors. Patents are granted by the US patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), where patents are […]

Claim Chart An Useful Patent Tool

By Geetha Maddala Claims form the most important part of a patent as the rights of a patentee reside in them. Should a person utilize an invention, without the permission of the patentee, he may infringe that patent. The issue of infringement is country specific, that is to say, the technology (device or process) as […]

The First Step to Generating Revenue From Patent Monetization is Understanding What the Term Means

By Jackie Hutter Smart corporate leaders continually seek new methods to capture firm asset value and improve cash flow. And, with estimates of more than 70 % of corporate value being in the form of intangible assets, it is not surprising that many organization are searching for ways to generate revenue from this all-to-often untapped […]

China The IPR Crises

By Ron Firmin A perplexing problem that is garnering much attention is the matter of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). There has been considerable progress made on this subject over the last few years but a vast chasm separates China from the rest of the world. When we closely examine some of the measures taken recently, […]