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The Truth About Fair Labor Practices

By Matt Hosty Many individuals do not know everything they should know about fair labor practices and work in a place where labor laws are violated everyday. Knowing the truth about fair labor practices will ensure that you are receiving the right compensation for the work that you do as well as the right treatment […]

Sexual Harassment the Epidemic Recognition and Prevention

By Wendy Sinner Sexual harassment creates confusion because it blurs the boundary between professional roles and personal relationships. The victim and/or harasser can be a woman or a man and does not have to be the opposite sex. “Sexual harassment” is a legal term, created for the purpose of ending maltreatment and discrimination against men […]

How to Find a Qualified FELA Law Firm

By Stacey E. Burke Finding a qualified FELA law firm can seem a daunting prospect. The last thing you want to do is engage the services of the stereotypical ‘ambulance chaser’ that will care nothing about you and your struggles and only looks to get as much money out of you as possible. What you […]

Why You Need a Jones Act Lawyer For Maritime Accidents

By Jerry L Work Maritime accidents usually cause severe mental and bodily injury. Whether you’re working on a barge, sea vessel or oil rig, there are many factors that can lead to an accident. Employees who work on boats or oil platforms are covered by The Jones Act law. This law covers workers should they […]

Future Challenges Occupational Health Safety

By Aazdak Alisimo It has become clear that the very nature of work has changed in the past few generations. What are the future challenges facing the occupational health and safety field? Just about everything has changed as a result of a technological revolution that has swept over the developed world in the last quarter […]

At Will Employment and Discrimination at Workplace in California

By Arkady Itkin It is very important to understand that there is a big difference between the employer’s conduct that is simply unfair and the one that is actually illegal. Just because your boss yells at you, criticizes your performance or gives you boring, low-level work, doesn’t mean that his conduct is illegal. In fact, […]