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Failed Vasectomy and Failed Sterilisation (Wrongful Birth)

By Ayesha Salim There are a number of people in the UK that decide for personal reasons to undergo a vasectomy or sterilisation procedure. It could be that they feel their family is complete, or in some cases it may be done for financial reasons. Whatever their reason, they have a right for the procedure […]

Overview of Anesthesia

By Joseph Devine If you have ever had any type of surgical procedure, chances are that you underwent some sort of anesthesia to help you not feel any pain during the process. There are several different levels of anesthesia, all based on what type of surgery is happening. This is now an important part of […]

Discover How Medical Malpractice Law Protects You

By Jon Arnold Health care providers of all sorts are supposed to do whatever they can to protect their patients during treatment and all aspects of health care. They have the responsibility to treat their patients with the best care they can and are licensed to give. Should a doctor not do what is expected […]

Malpractice Not Just a Threat in the Medical Industry

By Kim Hillam A Chicago Malpractice lawyer can be used for more cases then medical cases. Normally when someone hears the phrase malpractice they often times think of medical malpractice attorneys, but malpractice lawyers specialize in a lot more then medical cases. A malpractice lawyer can be used to counter sue when it comes to […]

Is it Worth Suing For Medical Malpractice?

By Mike Selvon If people think of a professional having to follow a set of standard operating procedures for how they perform their work, then most often doctors come to mind. If a doctor, hospital or the nursing staff fails to follow the correct procedures, the lives of patients can be endangered. Medical malpractice is […]

Wrong Amputation? What Can You Do?

By Nicholas Jervis What can amount to a wrong amputation? Of course the common problem and horror stories that we have all heard is removal of the wrong arm or leg. A simple marking up mistake can lead to this grave error and it still happens. However, in addition to these well known medical negligence […]

MRSA Symptoms What Are They and What Should You Look Out For If You Think You Have MRSA?

By Nicholas Jervis What Is MRSA? Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) is a type of the Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria which usually is harmless. It can be in or on your body for many years and you would never know about it as it would have no physical symptoms. Approximately a quarter of the population will […]

Your Five Point Guide to Suing the NHS

By Nicholas Jervis Whilst medical negligence claims can be very difficult to succeed with, the legal system has protection in place for you to ensure that your rights are protected. Your opinion and evidence will be used against the expert opinion of the treatment providers, often the NHS, but to help you you will also […]

Medical Malpractice Cases You Would Never Have Dreamed Of

By Lavana James The terrifying reality of medical malpractice is that it is often far too late for positive intervention after the event and, even if the claimants are successful in their monetary claims, the damages can never quite be rectified. Avoidable deaths cost tax payers millions South Africa is not alone in the fight […]

Why You Should Be Afraid of Your Doctor

By Michael Berger 98,000 patients are killed in hospitals each year according to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences. If it sounds like a lot of people it’s because it is. If you aren’t comforted by this statistic it’s ok- you shouldn’t be. Medical and hospital malpractice lawsuits have grown exponentially […]