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Speeding Ticket Help Knowing Your Options to Make the Best Decision

By Lance Esondi Speeding tickets are part of driving on the roads. From time to time for a variety of reasons, you may end up being pulled over for speeding. Maybe it’s your first ticket or you are sure what to do, but there are some tips to help you make the best decisions on […]

Smoke Free Bavaria From 1 1 2008

By Margaret Leach Well, not quite, but yesterday the Bavarian parliament voted overwhelmingly for a total ban on smoking in all places where food and drink are served as well as all public buildings from 1st January 2008. This was the final stage in a long drawn out process. Originally, the proposed law would have […]

Alaska DUI Laws

By Cary Bergeron Before you ever get behind the wheel in Alaska after having a few drinks, you should know what could happen if you are caught and charged with drinking and driving. First, you can be arrested for drunk driving in Alaska even if your driving appears fine. Under the state’s current law, anyone […]

Florida Divorces and Legal Presumptions

By Pamela S. Wynn Florida divorce law contains many presumptions. A presumption assumes one fact from the existence of another fact. Presumptions are a way to make it easier to establish a fact or to implement the state’s public policies. Here are some of the presumptions in Florida divorce law: Marriage Presumptions Florida law presumes […]

Public Record Demand

By Rolly Jolly Public record is define as a record, in which complete information related with all aspects of about the people including any documents, devices, photographs etc. It also includes other records, which are necessitating by the law to be kept by the government offices. What is public record demand? A public records request […]

How to Make Settlement Letters Work For You and NOT Against You

By Dennis Gac A Step By Step Example. The example I’m going to show you comes from a Father in North Carolina. I use it with all our members for two reasons. For one, if you had an arena full of Fathers they would most likely all swear it won’t work, especially in their case […]