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Host A Website And Get Sued For Trademark Infringement Maybe In California

By Scott Hervey According to the Department of Commerce, losses to U.S. businesses from the counterfeiting of trademarked consumer products are estimated at $200 billion a year. A model trademark law proposed by the International Trademark Association and currently winding its way through the legislative process in California includes a provision which appears to be […]

Counterfeit Wines Leave Bad Taste for Chicago Trademark Lawyer Recalling Ersatz Pine Sol

By Mark Partridge One of my hobbies is wine tasting. So it’s no surprise that an article from the Wall Street Journal recently grabbed my attention. It said: “U.S. Investigates Counterfeiting of Rare Wines.” The very idea assaults the senses. According to the article, the targets of the counterfeiters include France’s great Chateau Mouton Rothschild. […]

The Hidden Costs of Unauthorized Trademark Use

By Joseph Alexander Each year, hundreds of registered trademarks are illegally used without authorization from the trademarked company. Although the unauthorized use of such trademarks is often for harmless enjoyment without any deliberate harm, there can often be unintended consequences when using a trademark without permission. A trademark should never be reproduced, displayed, or copied […]

Trademark Law A Small Introduction

By Michael Baker The Intellectual Property Law has three branches: Patent Law, Copyright Law and Trademark Law. Patent Law will protect any new inventions from stealing and will give its inventor full rights on it. Movies, drawings, paintings, etc. are a part of artistic works and in this case copyright is used to protect them […]

Measuring the Defendants Profits in a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

By James Samuel Bell According to experienced trademark attorneys, when prosecuting a trademark infringement action, measuring the defendant’s profits can be quite difficult. For example, once court of appeals has used the following factors in trying to determine the amount of profits acquired by the defendant while allegedly infringing on a plaintiff’s trademark. These factors […]

How to Register Your Business Trademark and Name

By Michael Baker Starting your own business is a very common thing nowadays. You don’t need to work for a company that doesn’t belong to you, because sometimes you can earn enough money for your own business. When you have your own business, you don’t need to worry about your boss or getting late to […]

Trademark Lawyer Obligations

By Michael Baker Trademark lawyers are qualified people who manage trademark related issues. Their specialization requires many examinations regarding trademarks, to ensure that they have big professional standards and work ethics. In some areas like New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Australia, lawyers should meet some requirements in order to become trademark lawyers. This title is […]

If You Think Trademarks Are Simple Think Again

By Dale Fey What a great idea! Many people have great ideas, and many act upon them. As a great idea grows into a business, it is not out of the ordinary for there to be concern about obtaining protection of that intellectual property. With all the information and options available, it is difficult to […]

Trademarks What is There to Know About Them?

By Michael Baker Having your own business may prove to be a very productive thing; since many of us who work for a company have enough capital to make our very own company, being our own boss might be a good solution on long term. Also, having your own business can help us leave routine […]

New Entry, Much Fanfare Sound Marks

By Chirag Tanna In a further cementing step, to aid the establishment of the boundaries of one’s cognitive processes, and to provide legal rights towards the same, the Indian Trademark registry increased the recognition form from its ‘intellectual and visual’ ability to an ‘intellectual and audible’ ability. What followed was India’s first sound trademark, whereby, […]