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Security Products and Self Defense Weapons Like Video Security Systems and Hidden Wireless Cameras

By Donald G. Smith Enough! That is a phrase that is supposed to be be contemplated as a life saver. There are too many persons out there, “females and males,” who deal with being mistreated all the time. And for the reason that their hearts are so substantial and they are so beaten down and […]

The Pre Emptive Strike For Street Self Defense

By Neal Martin Most martial artists get it all wrong when it comes to self defense. They think they can wait for someone to attack them and deftly handle that attack by using one of the many techniques they have been taught to do at their dojo, techniques that work so well in practice but […]

A Quick Look at Pepper Spray

By William M Ward There are a few ways that people can take care of themselves if attacked, whether by another human or an animal. One of the most safe and effective ways is by using pepper spray on the assailant. It is an inexpensive and easy weapon to find and purchase. It comes in […]

How Law Enforcement Began

By James R Shaw Though the idea of defending oneself physically has been around since nearly the dawn of time, organized law enforcement is a relatively new idea. As self defense evolved, it became defined by several disciplined forms, such as martial arts. Though it is an excellent idea for everyone to be trained in […]

Sources of Crime in the United States

By Naruto Uzumaki For somebody with little drive, no education, and bad influences, crime is the only option available to them. Unfortunately, the society we live in more than promotes crime. In reality, the best way to deal with crime is to fight poverty at its sources, but it seems the government and police are […]

What Are the Major Causes of Crime and How Can Crime Be Prevented

By Connor R Sullivan The number of crime being committed in the United States of America is increasing day after day. There are many reasons as to why people commit crimes and it has been identified that there are no quick solutions to fix this problem in the country today. When people become victims of […]

Stun Master Multi Function Rechargeable Stun Gun

By Adam Sisterhen In this article I will give you a look at the Stun Master Multi-Function Rechargeable Stun Gun. I will identify its features, advantages, and disadvantages, giving you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision before purchasing. Description: ·         This unit measures 4 ¾” tall, 2 ½” wide and only 1″ […]

Free Criminal Records Search How to Check Criminal Records Online For Free

By Joe F Reagan When you are hiring someone in your organization, it is always better to conduct a background check on him so that you will be safe. If the person or persons you are employing are for sensitive placements and responsible ones like school teachers, nannies, helpers for aged people and the like, […]

Are There Criminals in Your Neighborhood? Run a Background Check Online

By Gina Delgado The National Sex Offender Registry allows you to search for individuals or neighborhoods and alerts you to registered sex offenders in your area. Many people find this search helpful when they are looking for a new home or securing new childcare for their kids. But what about all of the other possible […]

Tragic Florida Murders Point to Value of Surveillance Cameras

By Robert Dimond The ugly, senseless murders of a prominent Florida Panhandle couple underscored the vital role surveillance videos can play in identifying home invaders and bringing them to justice. Unfortunately, in the Pensacola, FL., case, the couple did not survive the break-in. But it is at least some measure of solace to family and […]