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The Role of Uninterrupted Power Supply and UPS Maintenance

By David D Sprake Okay, so you want to have an uninterrupted power supply or UPS system. That is great. Many people feel the way you do, upgrading their home and office computers by getting equipment that can give it the power it needs, come hell, high water and brownouts. But before you buy from […]

Next Generation Transportation Technology

By Tim O’Sullivan The big success of the Cash for Clunkers program with consumers proves that many people are eager to trade in their gas dependent cars for next generation transportation technology. Actually, drivers have been interested for a long time, especially as they watched the price of gas zoom up. The problem was that […]

Austin Energy is Building a Greener Tomorrow

By Joe Cline Taking advantage of Austin Energy’s incentives for energy efficient homes and businesses makes good financial sense. Rebates and loans are available to help Austin residents make environmentally friendly choices. In some cases, low and moderate income customers of Austin Energy can even receive free home improvements, even if they rent their homes […]

Some Important Information About Solar Power

By Peta Gelder Solar power is a phrase generically used to describe various methods involving harnessing the sun’s light and transferring that into some form of other useful energy. What we know as solar power can be used in a multitude of ways to power machines involved in many different aspects of our lives. Practically […]

Homebrew Biodiesel Safety Tips

By Deb Primrose Although it is relatively easy to make your own homebrew biodiesel, it is important to follow some common sense safety procedures. You will be working with heat and chemicals, so I highly recommend you invest in proper safety gear. First, let’s have a look at the ingredients we’ll be working with, so […]

Strange Bedfellows Big Oil Company Powers Refinery With Wind Energy

By Guy Williams Why would one of the worlds largest oil refiners turn to wind energy to produce power for some of its operations? Valero Energy Corporation has installed 33 wind turbines to supply power for one of its Texas refineries, according to a story in The Wall Street Journal. Tom Shetina, the manager of […]

Solar Power For Homes Important News

By Matthew Loop Solar power for homes is a great way to save money, while protecting the environment. It truly is rather ironic, when you consider how much time, effort, and money has been dedicated to acquiring more fossil fuel. The purchase of fuel from other countries, as well as the drilling for fuel domestically, […]

Biodiesel Verses Diesel

By Levi Quinn With the current damage being done to the environment it only makes sense that we need a better way to operate vehicles without the use of fossil fuels. It is always a good idea to take a look of all the possible options available to us in order to break down the […]

Explore Emerging Renewable Energy Sources!

By M. Binder Renewable energy sources are all around us. We see them and sense them every time we go outside or even look out a window. There is no shortage of ideas for outstanding renewable energy science fair projects. Explore these suggestions and take your pick! Solar energy is becoming increasingly affordable and widespread. […]

Can Build Your Own Solar Panel Kits Save on Solar Panel Cost, and Save Big Bucks?

By Bob Lindner Any time the term ‘kit’ comes up, I always think of ‘some assembly required’ and then some! Especially when it comes to something like solar kits! Terms like ‘your Grandma can put it together’ come to mind’. When it comes to solar energy for your home, just a few years back, it […]