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The Necessity of Irrigation

By Mani G Kkpudur India is basically an agricultural country, and all its resources depend on the agricultural output. Water is evidently the most vital element in the plant life. Water is normally supplied to the plants by nature through rains. However, the total rainfall in a particular area may be either insufficient, or ill-timed. […]

Even the Teens Are Great Help in the Remediation of Nature

By Giovanni Monty P Henry The situation of the environment is now been known by many. Natural calamities occur many times in a single year and causes death and illnesses. Most of the areas now experience water and air pollutions. People were engaged in illegal logging that caused flooding even in the cities. Our rivers […]

Unprecedented Black Hurricane

By Stephen Monday Does any scientist know what effects could take place should a category 3 hurricane develop, and find a track which brings it alongside the huge oil slick? Would the force of the wind on the surface of the water, suck up the majority of the spill, and collect it in the “eye” […]

Can Building Your Own Zero Point Generator Help You Protect the Environment and Save Money?

By David M. Jacobs A zero point energy magnetic generator uses magnets to generate electricity. Many people might find it hard to believe, but it is a reality. A magnet contains energy, but does not require any input. Most people are familiar with solar or wind power, but very few know that magnets can actually […]

Saving Money by Saving the the Planet

By John Trefry For a while now there has been talk of “going green.” In my view, going green only works if there is a profit motive. Companies that think they can make money will go green when they think it is profitable to do so. And most people will only go green in their […]

Green Clean Service Using Non Toxic Products

By Steven Magill There has been a significant change over the last twenty years or so with the green movement. Back then, it was thought of as a group of radicals willing to disrupt the wheels of progress. They were activists that would be willing to be arrested by trespassing on private properties to stop […]

From Solar Powered Homes to Solar Powered Boats?

By Syed Z Ahmed Green technology is currently on the rise, especially after the new stimulus plan in which the government is using it’s resources to enhance the use of renewable energy. With the effect of many conventional technology uses, the environment has been on planet Earth’s radar, with many individuals taking action either installing […]

Captive Dolphins Suffer Say No to Dolphinariums

By Lou Kawakami In a recent article for the BBC, a former dolphin trainer from the Japanese town of Taiji – made infamous by the movie The Cove – gave an account of her life in the trade. On Taiji’s place in the international dolphin trade, she said that foreigners would often come to Taiji […]

Using Solar Power to Prepare For an Emergency

By Kevin LeCavalier Anyone who heads to the Ready America website ( will find an untold number of tips and recommendations for emergency preparedness. The topics covered include the development of a household emergency kit, a reliable plan for any number of incidents or events, and a link for information about a range of emergencies. […]

Reusing Water

By Paul Peshkov When Green Plumbing is the topic, often times water conservation and re-usability goes along with it. The best way to improve something is to first look at what you have and what is been wasted. That’s exactly the point of using “graywater” again-“reusing water”. Wastwater that has been used in clothes washing, […]