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Buchenwald Concentration Camp Report Surfaces

By Steven Tarlow Healing the harms The expression “freedom isn’t free” means a lot to me. The sacrifices service men and women have made (and continue to make) in service of their country are worthy of recognition to the extent that they are helping to protect the rights and way of life of people they’ve […]

China Says it Will Provide Its People Basic Healthcare What About Smog Masks Too?

By Lance Winslow The Chinese Government has said that it will provide universal health care to all its 1.3 Billion People. Now, obviously this is not entirely so, and it will be nothing compared to those socialist nations that have such healthcare systems. Instead China promises to provide basic health needs, and even this has […]

Mexico City Warned Folks of the Water Shortage, Now it is Temporarily Turned Off

By Lance Winslow Mexico City is known for many things, but one thing the locals know about is the severe shortage of water. The main municipal water supply has been shut off for three days temporarily to prevent the water from running so low that it would run out without the emergency temporary cutoff. Worse, […]

Moscow Vs Ukraine The Gas Battle

By John Parks According to sources within the European Union the ongoing stand off over the delivery of natural gas between Russia and the Ukraine is doing quite a lot of damage to both countries’ credibility. A warning statement put out by the European Union says that the fight is going to result in major […]

The Chinese Japanese Relations Have Evolved

By Mike Selvon There has been a long Chinese Japanese historical relationship. China has been very influential throughout history regarding Japanese culture. Once the relationship began, the Japanese people learned many customs from China, including their different architectural methods, their philosophies and even religious beliefs. While there had been aspects of China that had been […]

Mumbai The Days After 26 11 Part 2

By Chinmay Chakravarty The Mumbai terror attack of 26/11 has been described as the worst one to hit India. The unique operative style, the high profile targets, the continued siege over three days, the media overdrive are some of the factors that made the impact of this strike devastatingly felt suffered and agonized. With public […]

Find a Solution Or One Will Be Imposed Upon You

By Wael Nawara Enough is Enough Our Patience is Running out I look at the decades-long suffering of Palestinians and Gazans and I cannot help it but sympathize with them. I look at the centuries-long suffering and prosecution of Jews and I also cannot help it but sympathize with them as well. I think the […]

The North American Union A Utopian Concept

By Jacques Sprenger “President Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and Mexican President Vicente Fox announced the establishment of the ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America’ in a March 23 joint statement.” (Waco, Texas, Wednesday, March 23, 2005.) The above statement is a typical case of wishful thinking in which every head of state […]

The Domestic Scenario of South Asian Regions

By Kh. Atiar Rahman There is no denying the fact that out of the countries of South Asian Regions, India as a mainstay power of South Asia articulate a premeditated unity of the region and regard as the safekeeping of the diminutive regional actors as essential to its own safety measures. It takes into consideration […]

Path to Permanent Residency A Foreign Workerss Dream

By Mari-Rose Bullecer Canada has opened its doors to Filipino migrant workers. In Alberta for example, you will notice that there are a lot of Filipinos working in fast food chains as service crews. Their contract usually runs for a year. If they’re lucky enough, they could get an extension. Prior to deployment, the workers […]