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Emergency GI Bill Payments Available to Eligible Veterans

By Heather H Brunson The Emergency GI Bill Payment program was introduced in the beginning of October in response to reported hardships caused by delays in GI Bill benefits. The following information addresses the most frequent inquiries regarding the latest details of the Veteran Administration’s emergency payment process. If you are a veteran who is […]

National Guard Tuition Assistance

By Sean Y. Lee Members of National Guard are eligible to receive Tuition Assistance (TA) for educational purposes, including up to 100 percent coverage for college courses taken during off-duty hours. The National Guard offers guardsmen several programs to support their education goals including up to 100% TA for college courses taken during off-duty hours. […]

Types of Federal Tuition Assistance

By Sean Y. Lee If you are in the National Guard, you may be entitled to education benefits through programs that are designed to help support you in working toward your degree. National Guard soldiers who are registered as part-time students in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program can receive up to 100 percent of […]

One of the Two Most Exhilarating Things I Have Done in My Life Carrier Qualification Part One

By Allan Lewicki There are things in life that you really have to do to know what they are really like; landing on an aircraft carrier is one of them. Additionally; of the most exhilarating activities I have done, I would rank Carrier Qualification as co-equal with…not Airborne training at Fort Benning George, not repelling […]

Veterans Deserve to Be Heard

By Tom Hobbs That has been a theme I have seen in the past few years. With the passing of so many Veterans their contributions to the world are being lost. Many Veterans are not sharing their knowledge and experiences that may save other generations from repeating the costly loss of lives. The local Toastmasters […]

Additional Thirty Thousand Troops to Afghanistan Next Year

By Tripodi Pandey There are no doubts that the war in Afghanistan will heat up next year as the U.S. sends 30,000 more troops to the war-torn country, with nearly 20,000 of those troops expected to be ground soldiers. With nearly 30,000 troops in the country right now, the additional men and women will double […]

Stealth Hypersonic Delivery of Harpoon Anti Ship Missile

By Lance Winslow The future of warfare is going to drastically change in the next couple of decades, so much so that it will make many of our current defensive weapons obsolete. Many of the most advanced weapon systems and several on the drawing board won’t even be relevant in the future. Rather combinations of […]

Veterans You Will Never Be Forgotten Integrity, Service Before Self And Excellence In All We Do

By Mark Powers On this Veterans Day, I say to all the men and women who served this country: Thank you to you and your families for your incredible selfless sacrifice and dedication. Your pride, loyalty and core of values are amazing and priceless to this nation’s security. I know in my heart that you […]

In the Shadow of the Ziggurat

By John Sprague It is hard to believe that is has been nearly three and a half years since I stood in this sacred place. As you may already know, the Sumerian Ziggurat is in the biblical city of UR in Southern Mesopotamia now Iraq. Some say this is older than the pyramids of Egypt. […]

Armor Piercing Rounds and Missiles Need W BN Wurtzite Boron Nitride Tips

By Lance Winslow The World has determined that using depleted uranium tipped missiles and smart munitions bunker busters is polluting the battle space; and once the war is over that area is unsafe with radiation issues. Many nations are using such strategies on their weapons because those tips cut like butter through steel and re-enforced […]