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Aliens Are Out to Get Us

By Jerran Wolf At least that’s what Stephen Hawking thinks, and its hard to argue with someone who spends his time developing theories of time travel and unraveling the mysteries of black holes. In a new documentary for the Discovery Channel, Hawking warns that we shouldn’t be hoping to be contacted by alien races. In […]

How About a High School Training Center?

By Wynelle Burns As I was visiting with my students I have seen a total shift in the educational world and what students have to do besides studying. We educators are so quick to assign homework and try to occupy our student’s lives without giving second thought to the fact that many of them are […]

Europe Nihilist

By Edoardo Rospo We can’t understand the history of Europe without acknowledging the impact of Nihilism; it has pervaded and changed identity the community perspectives. The “Weak Thought” has embraced and reshaped modernity. The sense of organic State collapsed under the blows of destabilization pursued by intellectuals and then became unable to maintain morality, ethics […]

The Creation of World Heroes

By Cuyler D Callahan My buddy Gerry Sigurdson and I pulled out of the Canex here on base. Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” softly played through my car speakers. “Now that is one man I would like to meet,” I said. “More so then any other musician out there, I want to shake the hand of Johnny […]

Is Chinas Back Door Through Pakistan Along the Karakoram Hwy a Viable Modern Route?

By Lance Winslow Part of China’s plan was or is to bring rail and pipelines through the Karakoram highway, which is the old silk Roads. In fact, the plan would be to continue to build up the port in Pakistan on the Arabian Sea where raw materials, gas and oil could be brought in pipelines […]

Israel, Technology Leader Despite Defending Against Terrorist Neighbors and World Anti Semites

By Aaron Kolom Despite defending itself (diplomatically – with one-hand) against anti-Semites in the UN, Europe and the US; as well as its civilian population (physically -with its other hand) against external rocket and internal terrorist attacks – tiny Israel has somehow survived, perhaps even thrived, during the otherwise world-wide collapse of industry and technology […]

Is the President Attempting to Take the Obama Out of ObamaCare?

By Lance Winslow Our President claims to be taking a “hiatus” from the HealthCare debate according to administration officials that had an exclusive interview with the New York Times, refusing to discuss the issue with Fox News recently. The President’s staff said he was allowing the Democrat Legislators to work out their differences, which political […]

Whats Up With Kanye, Joe, and Serena?

By William H Watson In the past week Kanye West rudely interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV Music Awards, Serena Williams went from her foot on the line to the foot in her mouth as she cursed the judge, and Republican Joe Wilson yelled out “you lie!” to the President during his healthcare speech. What […]

Be Careful How You Pray Methane is 28 Times Worse Than CO2 For Global Warming!

By Lance Winslow As you may or might not know, there are two religions that bend over to pray, one is small, and one is so large it includes in excess of a billion humans. Now, everyone should be allowed to choose their own god or religion, however, we need a referendum at the UN […]

Take Pride in America Recycle, Respect and Wave a Flag

By Penny Markham In these days of conflict overseas and unrest here at home, it’s a great time to show your pride in America, whether in big bold steps or quiet actions.┬áListed here are some suggestions for showing your love of this great country and the inhabitants who live here.┬áJust remember, American pride isn’t synonymous […]