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Are You Thinking About What Youre Thinking About?

By Daniel N. Brown Do you realize that your belief system is ultimately what will determine whether you live a successful life or not? Since your thoughts are what your belief system is composed of, you should take great care in what you are thinking about because your thoughts influence the outcome of every area […]

Why We Shouldnt Worry

By Daniel N. Brown Do you worry? Are you concerned about your future to the point where it steals your joy? Jesus said in Matthew 6:25, “Take no thought for your life.” That seems simple enough, but for some reason we don’t get it. We think we have to run our own lives and make […]

Its About the Children

By Larry D Miller The morning after Christmas, I sat watching my four year old grandson play, sometimes with his new toys, sometimes with his “old” ones. His little imagination taking him to who knows where as he was blissfully unaware of the plans afoot to destroy the health care system that brought him through […]

The Secret, the Law of Attraction, and Being a Christian

By Daniel N. Brown The Christian should study the Law of Attraction under the label: “The Biblical Law of Attraction!” The Law of Attraction is a biblical concept, but just like many other Godly concepts, it gets perverted through worldly practices. The Christian should forget about The Law of Attraction the way the teachers of […]

The Manhattan Declaration To Every Thing There is a Season

By Michael Bresciani When questioned by news commentator Bill O’Reilly on the Factor Nov 24, 2009 about the propriety of the act, Lis Wiehl said that she thought it was all OK as long as it was done between the hours of 10:pm and 6:am. She explained that this was the time for anything that […]

What If the Four Gospels Are Telling Us the Truth?

By Gregory Vanden Berge I have debated this topic with plenty of different religious believers and we seem to agree on one thing, the four Gospels tell four different stories about the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Most people agree that these stories are similar, but they’re not the same. What if the four Gospels […]

Are Religious Believers Entitled to Respect?

By Gregory Vanden Berge I’ve seen thousands of people my whole life going into their place of worship with a respectable personality. They usually enter their place of worship with a gentle attitude and the people around them seem to share the same view. When I was younger and I entered the church sanctuary I […]

What Messianic Prophecies Were Fulfilled by Jesus Christ?

By Steven D. Saliba Hundreds of years before Jesus was born, prophecies were written about the coming of the Messiah. In the book of Deuteronomy 18:15-19, Moses stated that the Messiah would come to the earth just as God had sent Moses. Another prophecy that Jesus fulfilled was that he would be born to a […]

Bible Revelation A Simple Understanding!

By Tommy L McNeil Revelation need not be a complicated book to understand. The basic premise of how one looks at the book is the one critical thing that causes most of the struggle. The belief that the book of revelation is about the end of the physical world is the biggest mistake being made […]

The Bible Foretells Tribulation and Judgment From God on Both Christians and Sinners Alike

By Greg DeHart Do you know that the Scripture testifies that in these last days that the spirit of judgment will be visited upon the earth, on both the saved, and on the unsaved? For the Holy Spirit’s purging work is constantly at work among those that are His to bring them to maturity. He […]