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Smart Thinking

By John R Roberts Let us, for a moment, face the harsh facts of reality through the process I call “smart thinking”. Has anyone ever found the fountain of youth? Is it possible that we may never experience the symptoms of growing old or even some form of disability? I really don’t think so. Chances […]

Why Your New Build Home Needs to Be NHBC Protected

By Derek Rogers Due to the world wide economic times in recent memory, it’s no surprise you should be protected by the NHBC.  If the initials don’t mean anything to you, it stands for the National House Building Council.  The concept behind it is to give you the satisfaction needed to purchase a home by […]

Home Building and Remodel Contractors The Secret to Better Relations With Your Clients

By Mel Inglima What’s the number one complaint I hear from consumers? Believe it or not it’s not about pricing. And it isn’t about showing up to work, or the quality of the work. The biggest complaint? “Why won’t my builder talk to me?”   Believe me, no matter how much you think you’re talking […]

Essentials For Building a New Home

By Kathleen Whitlow Building a new home can be a big step for everyone. A new house is something that is a milestone in ones life. Besides keeping up with the house plans, the location, the material, etc., there are other things, besides the construction of the house that a new homeowner has to remember, […]

Chinking Questions Answers and Money Saving Application Tips

By Michael Carey Chinking is very common on western log homes but can be found in the east as well. The most common color is mortar white because it resembles the look of old time cement. Chinking may be required to seal the joints in your logs or you may choose to use it for […]

Facts and Features of Relocatable Cabins

By David Charlie James Building do it yourself relocatable cabins can be easy, especially if you choose a kit that is specifically designed for your region. Building, and owning, your own home can definitely be a daunting task, but when you choose a relocatable cabin, the majority of the planning is already done for you. […]

Log Homes and Cabins How Much Does a Log Home Cost to Build?

By Clyde Cremer The above question is asked by most people before any discussion ensues about log homes in general. The above question cannot be answered unless many questions are asked of the prospective home buyer. As an example, the above question is similar to one asked, How much does a car cost? A basic […]

Build Your Own Home Advice to Young Couples Who Are Capable of Building Their Own

By Jim Hall So you and your wife want to build your own house? It can be done, Amigo. But first, let’s go over a few things. You should own the piece of land that you want to build on outright. It should be zoned for what you want to build and it should be […]

Owner Builder Why Lot Homesite Selection is the Most Important Decision in the Process!

By Tyron Mcdaniel Where you build your Dream Home is in many cases the most critical decision you can make when deciding where you are going to build your Dream Home! Many Owner Builders think they have it all figured out when it comes to lot/homesite selection but in my experience I have seen many […]