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The Advantages of Buying a Bigger House

By Hank Ericson You have seen this four bedroom house and the location is perfect but you cannot afford it. You can only afford a smaller house. That should not be a problem if you really want this house; you can make money out of it, too. Why a Bigger House? Bigger houses are not […]

Repair Your Credit Before a Home Search So That You Do Not Run Into Any Surprises

By Marco D Benavides If you have a good real estate agent, he/she is going to ask you to get pre-approved for your mortgage loan. Your agent knows that it is much easier to bargain with sellers and find the right home for you if you are pre-approved. However, do not go through the whole […]

Should You Buy a Home During the Holidays?

By Kathryn Lively It’s not unusual for some people to splurge on expensive gifts during the holiday season. Especially for landmark occasions coinciding with Christmas – a teenager turns driving age and is gifted with a car, a husband buys his wife a diamond anniversary ring – one might feel the need to open his […]

Home Buyers Beware The Importance of the Home Inspection

By Ryan Coisson Once you have signed the papers and your new home is officially yours, it’s extremely difficult to go after the previous homeowner for undetected structural deficiencies and other such problems. It is truly a case of home buyer beware! Here is why it’s critically important to hire a good home inspector before […]

How to Find the Best Home For Maximum Profit

By Johnny Castanon Buying a home is an investment. If you invest wisely, you get a good return on investment, because your home will appreciate in value. The more your home value appreciates, the more you earn on your investment if you ever sell your home, and the more flexible you can be in terms […]

Moving From the California Beach to a Mountain Paradise Considered

By Lance Winslow The Southern California ritzy high-priced and ultra high paced life style in the beach communities tends to burn people out over time. Not long ago, an acquaintance mentioned to me that he was retired now and was considering moving from Newport Beach and perhaps into a Mountain Town with everything he’d need […]

Home Buying Tips That Can Help You Land the Best Purchase

By Mark Gavalda Buying a home is one of those purchases t hat requires a lot of consideration and a lot of time making evaluation since it’s one decision that is deeply involving, especially in financial matters. As much as that mortgage payment scheme looks attractive, you need to ensure that you are on stable […]

How to Buy Real Estate Using No Money Only Contracts

By Andrew Rider When you have no money and you want to start investing in real-estate. What do you do? You have options, most people believe that you can only buy real-estate if you have a huge amount of money. Buying real-estate isn’t just for the rich. They are wrong for telling you that. You […]

Good News For the Bradenton Real Estate Market

By Tanya Waxler Anyone who knows the real estate market knows that Bradenton, Florida was one of the hardest hit areas when the housing bubble burst. Houses that were selling for $500,000 in 2006 are lucky to get $300,000 in 2009. Fortunately, there has been some recent good news for the Bradenton real estate market. […]

What Every Buyer Ought to Know About Getting a Great Deal on a House

By Erika Eaton If a buyer does her homework, and has a savvy Realtor, she ought to clean-up in this housing market. When making an offer for less than the asking price, you should be prepared with the following tips: 1. Speak with a qualified mortgage broker. At a minimum get pre-qualified for financing on […]