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The Upside Down House

By Frank Kamau Located in the town of Szymbark, Poland, this magnificent piece of architecture was conceptualized by the owner, Daniel Czapiewski. Due to its unique design, it attracts thousands of tourists keen to see this bizarre specter. The house is a normal conventional double storey wooden house literally inverted upside down with the roof […]

Inspecting Finished Surfaces Tips From Professional Painting Contractors

By Steve A. Parker During the final stages of your commercial painting project, taking a tour through the area and assessing the quality of the job should be one of the first things on your to do list. Here are a few tips from professional painting contractors for a quality, professional finished surface inspection. If […]

To Build Or Not to Build That is the Question

By Andrea Rodriguez The sight of whole new buildings and homes with no lights at night seem to be a pretty common sign of vacancy in many cities all across the United States. Such high vacancy is one of the reasons why many banks don’t seem to have a taste for construction loans anymore. Lately,these […]

Commercial Construction is Slow For Now

By Lance Winslow In most regions of the US Commercial Construction is slow, however there are new schools being built, infrastructure and some LEED Certified strip malls, business buildings and shopping centers. Unfortunately, at the same time there are older shopping centers where the anchor tenants have moved out and the small businesses are left […]

Acoustical Ceilings Tiles and Ratings

By Donald Arson Acoustical Ceilings are an inexpensive way to lower the height of a room and also soften noise in the room. However, reduction of noise isn’t the only reason to use an acoustic ceiling in an office environment. It can also be used to hide computer wires, pipes or other things you would […]

What is Job Costing?

By Arnold S. Grundvig, Jr. Here is a fact that will surprise few contractors: Construction is the highest risk industry in the US economy. There are more business failures in construction than any other industry, both in number and as a percentage. The reason for this gloomy statistic is the reality that most contractors fail […]

Benefits of Joining a Construction Network

By Swadesh Kr Singh For those in the construction business finding one job while working on another can be quite impossible. There is simply not enough time to go out and solicit business. One option is to join a construction network. The purpose of a construction network is to match contractors with clients. The clients […]

Information About Real Estate Development in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, NCR

By Martinez Collins Popularly known as the IT hub of India, Delhi is considered the centre for real estate transactions in India. With the increasing number of tourists and students, the real state in Delhi has become one of the sought after properties in India. Here, property transactions are made in diverse fields including flats, […]

Wakefield Waterfront Development

By Julian Bradbrook Wakefield Waterfront will soon be the place to visit in the town after a huge amount of money is spent on the development of the area which will include commercial and residential areas. There are a variety of residential properties which will offer houses and apartments in to an area which was […]

Regulating Authority of Construction

By Stephen Cox If you are in the construction business it is most important to know the function of the regulating authority in the process of construction. Even if you are common man, then it is also important for you to know the newly construction is built near your house is legally sanctioned or not. […]