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Great Opportunities Still Available in the Miami Real Estate Market

By Mauricio Chaparro It is been documented all over the news and it is now becoming very clear in the mind of potential buyers of Miami real estate that prices for some of the best Miami condos are now at a bargain price. All over Miami amazing new residential high-rises were developed during the last […]

Sanibel Condos Come For a Vacation and Stay For a Lifetime

By Mark M Washburn After spending a few days on the beautiful Sanibel beaches, many visitors are hooked on the Sanibel lifestyle and spend part of their vacation looking for a condo to purchase. In the past, severe sticker shock sets in with asking prices often beyond the means of most visitors. If you passed […]

Trump Palace, The Ultimate Miami Oceanfront Condo Living Experience

By Mauricio Chaparro A true collage of different architectural styles can be appreciated today all along the stretch of land between the intracoastal waterways and the Atlantic Ocean from 163rd street to Golden Beach. This relatively small piece of land has been redeveloped and transformed into what is known today as the beautiful city of […]

Condo Buyers Guide Cautions to Watch Out For Before Investing

By Rose B High rise living is definitely one of the most fast-paced and fast-growing trends in the real estate industry. This is precisely why many professionals, retirees and any types of home buyers and investors consider venturing into this modern and contemporary property fad. It is therefore imperative that buyers who are seriously considering […]

Your Checklist For Buying Condominiums

By Katrina Marie Santes Condominiums are one of your best options for dwellings. This paves way for high-rise living, wherein homeowners experience a different kind of lifestyle. It is modern and above all provides a certain degree of convenience in maintaining a home. The privileges that condominium living can bring comes with a price. Some […]

Condominiums Sharing the City

By Andy Asbury Though condos can built anywhere, perhaps one of the most appealing things about them is that they afford people a high quality lifestyle in expensive high-density areas. Million dollar luxury condos aside, condominiums in desireable areas are typically cheaper than single family homes. If you work and play in the city, buying […]

Getting to Know Condos

By Andy Asbury As you drive through your hometown you have no doubt noted the development that is expanding most towns in the U.S. Look closer and you will notice that a great number of these developments are condominiums. Condos are gaining popularity like a boulder rolling downhill gains speed. Condo units owe their dramatic […]

Condominium Siding Goes Green

By Robert J. Burns If you were to be asked what area of condominium building technology is seeing the most rapid and innovative development you’d be well advised to put your money on siding. The major players in siding production are doing some serious investment if the research and development of alternate siding products. How […]

Calgary Condo Living Victoria Park and the Calgary Stampede

By Joel Gwillim The Calgary Stampede is just a day away. Perhaps you have started the festivities already! The Calgary Stampede is a ten day event and has been alive and kicking since 1912. This year, the Stampede runs from July 3 to July 12 and is looking to be yet another enjoyable week and […]

Purchasing a Condo For an Investment

By Sanida Richards Real Estate investment is of course still one of the best ways to invest money in the world. Most all properties, both residential and commercial will appreciate in value each and every year sometimes well into the 2 digit percentages. So this can make property one of the best investments that you […]