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The Benefits of Consulting Lists of Repossessed Houses

By Joseph B. Smith Investors and individual buyers who are looking for repo properties that they can buy can make the search a lot easier if they use lists of repossessed houses. There are a number of online providers of foreclosure and repo listings that offer details on such properties. Benefits of Using Foreclosure Listings […]

Why Many Are Choosing Bankruptcy After Foreclosure

By Michael Hanks With the amount of foreclosures taking place in the United States, many people are often overwhelmed by the fact they that they can still be sued afterwards. Of course, this depends on which state you live in. However, as many states allow the lender to sue the homeowner who defaulted on the […]

Prevent Foreclosure Of Your Home by Creating the Right Mindset to Take Positive Action

By Aidan Mosteller All too often people fall behind on their mortgages for a variety of reasons. Whether it is because of a job loss or perhaps lack of proper financial planning and budgeting, the failure to pay the mortgage in a timely fashion can result in a foreclosure. Foreclosure is highly undesirable for many […]

Are Debts Depressing You?

By Francis Downs Debts can be very stressful and leave you in a financial frenzy. It can become very difficult to handle the collection calls from various creditors. Bad debts can be very depressing and dampen your morale. When you have to deal with the pressing questions of making payment, it can become difficult to […]

Easily Stop Home Foreclosures

By Andrea P Despite what the news may be saying, many people are still in financial trouble and on the verge of losing their homes. Foreclosures are still at the highest level they have been at since the Depression, and real estate forecasters believe the worst is yet to come. But there is hope for […]

Stop a Foreclosure by Yourself Dont Panic and Freeze and You Will Win (Great Tips)

By Sam Portes You may have been hit with a foreclosure notice or know that one is about to come. All hope is not lost if you act quickly. Even is your income is severely reduced or has plunged to 0, there are methods that you can use to stop the bank dead in their […]

The Importance of Short Sale Exit Strategies

By Ben Pargman I recently spoke with a pair of short sale investors who completed a nice short sale and made more than $37,650. But what was MOST interesting about this one deal is that these investors weren’t able to do back-to-back closings. Instead of buying the property and re-selling it immediately (to what we […]

Stop the Foreclosure Process Using Whatever Means at Your Disposal

By Craig W Jacobs If you find that you have been having trouble making the regular payments on your mortgage or loan, you had better be expecting foreclosure already. Now, knowing that that might be coming up soon, you want to be prepared for it. I am not speaking of sitting in and just taking […]

How to Find a Free Foreclosure Listing

By Hector Milla Today is definitely a buyers market since the price of real estate has dropped so low. A great time for people looking to buy a home at a reasonable price. Homes facing foreclosure is certainly where you will find the majority of the good deals but a lot of services want you […]

Ways to Keep Your Home When Unemployed

By Ron S Parks Are you facing foreclosure and unemployment? And more importantly has your emergency funds run out? Once this bumper savings was prescribed to be three to six months, now a more serious recommendation is eight to twelve, due to the difficulty replacing lost income. Apparently experts are making the recommendation that before […]