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It is Easy Being Green

By Jeff S Adams Going Green Helps the Environment & Puts More Green in Your Wallet It seems that everyone these days is jumping on the environmentally conscious bandwagon. All across the nation, we have been witnessing changes from almost all businesses, as they try to incorporate more eco-friendly practices within their relative industries. We […]

Why Should You Reuse and Recycle Building Materials and Furnishings?

By J.V. Baslot Why should you reuse and recycle building materials? Isn’t it exhausting doing this time-consuming and messy process of collecting, sorting and recycling waste, whereas you can just deliver this waste to the landfill and simply purchase brand new products from stores? Why used recycled products? Well, that’s very easy to say if […]

Park Model Mobile Home Living Put it Anywhere You Want

By Gary P Pierce A park model mobile home is usually mobile only once in its life…the trip from factory to slab. You usually envision the slab being at a park with several hundred other park models. That is OK for most folks, but how about putting the park model mobile home on some land […]

Recycling Houses How to Make a Profit While Helping to Save the Environment

By Jay Neaves Global warming and other environmental issues are of abiding concern for all of us and for most, recycling has become part of our daily lives on some level.  Whether we recycle as much as we can from our household waste or opt to recycle just paper, glass or cans, more and more households […]

Eco Homes How You Can Turn Your House Into One

By Curt Roese  The pace of new construction is slowing to a crawl as the recession continues. However, remodeling has not taken a hit, since many people are looking to remodel the homes they have rather than to buy another home or have a new home built. Since there is an increasing level of concern […]

Thriving in Todays Building Industry

By Mark Willinger For nearly 20 years Sony ruled the portable music industry with its popular brand Walkman. Through cassettes to CDs Sony Walkman was an industry leader in portable music players, yet in 2001 this seemingly unstoppable force fell from the top down to just another name in crowd of generic alternatives. In October […]

Green Building Projects in Jackson Hole

By Caroline Kelm Whether it is residential or commercial, the trend to build green in Jackson Hole, WY is growing at a rapid pace. There are many homes and commercial developments aspiring to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification in Teton County. The LEED green building rating system is a measurable tool […]

3 Major Solar Panel Mistakes Plan Your Solar Panel Array Properly

By Kiko Beach Almost every homeowner who is interested in installing solar panels in their home goes through their planning stage looking at their house, how much power they consume, what kind of panels are out there and what is the final cost. What follows are the tree most common mistakes that homeowners make when […]

Geographic Micro Markets in Real Estate

By Brian Icenhower When seemingly endless statistical reports show steadily declining home values, it is essential to analyze geographic micro-markets to properly assess the value of residential properties. Although many media and data tracking sources will often cite national declines in median housing prices, a significant number of areas, or micro-markets, will simultaneously experience an […]