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Preparing For a Viewing of a Home For Sale

By Adam Labno If you have a house for spare use why don’t you lease it out or even sell it? Well, leaving a house empty can lead to great problems so it is feasible to let it out or sell it to responsible people. By selling a spare home that you don’t need can […]

Have the Best Open House Ever Effective Tips For Home Sellers

By Maria Faith Venturing into home selling is one of the most popular alternatives for home owners who are trying to make profits out of their investment. It is unfortunate that due to the trend of the buyer’s market, with the supply of properties for sale greatly surpassing the exact amount of sure potential home […]

Preparing a Home For Sale What You Need to Know to Get Top Dollar For Your Home

By Rob Gill Preparing a home for sale is something that many sellers (unfortunately!) get wrong. Preparing your home in the right way can mean you get a more than fair price for your home, and that the home sells more quickly. Preparing your home in the wrong way, or not at all, can mean […]

Home Staging The Art of Preparing Your House For Sale

By Maria Faith Selling your house in the current real estate market is more of a challenge than just a mere investment venture. Following the trend of the contemporary economic condition and the impact of the subprime crisis, thousands of other competitors and properties for sale is overflowing. Hence, to make sure that you do […]

Home Stager How to Effectively Stage a Home and Make a Sale

By Karen S Schaefer Home staging is an industry that is on the verge of exploding because of the slowing real estate industry. And this is where a professional stager comes in. How to Do Home Staging Effectively In a buyers market, sellers have to utilize every powerful tool they can to sell their home […]

The Top Ten Home Staging Tips

By Natalia Jones It may be difficult to be objective about what your home needs to become more competitive, because naturally you may think your home is a castle. If you are having trouble looking at your home from a buyer’s perspective ask a realtor to have a walk-through and give you some pointers because […]

The Subtle Differences of Staging

By Billings Farnsworth When selling a house it is import to stage each room so that potential buyers will have the impression that the house is in good repair and ready to be lived in. Even though the furnishings that are in the house when it is shown will be moved out as the seller […]

Home Staging The Homes Exterior

By Jonathan R Richards Creating a positive first impression by making the exterior of the house as tidy and attractive as possible is equally important as home staging the interior. Fertilize and mow the lawn and take extra care to clean the front windows. Store away the hoses and other yard equipment. Ask the sellers […]

Staging Diva Home Staging Tips For the Attic

By Debra Gould When staging a house to sell, you can’t just ignore a room because it presents a staging challenge, or because you don’t think it would be as important as staging the kitchen or bathroom. The goal of home staging is to have a buyer make a strong emotional connection with a property […]

Selling Your Home? Its Like Going to the Prom All Over Again

By Mary Fasnacht Have you noticed it’s prom time again? I’ve seen the guys decked out in tuxes picking up corsages at the store. I’ve spotted young ladies coming out of the salons with fancy up-do’s. And when I drove in my neighborhood last evening couples were posing in front of flowering bushes for parents […]