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10 Home Staging Tips to Make Your Next Listing Look Like a Model Home

By Julea Joseph What is it about Model homes that make them so appealing? Is it the freshness of all new; is it the sassy paint colors, the perfectly placed furniture, art and accessories or the beautiful groomed backyard that makes you want to plop right down on that comfy club chair, or light the […]

Get Fast Cash by Selling Your House

By Austin A Requirement for cash spans throughout the life of an individual. Immediate cash needs are very predominant in human life, but the ways to cater to it are limited or rather all ways cannot solve the problem effectively. Selling your house fast can prove to be a good remedy for you needs for […]

Fast Home Selling Strategies Unload Your House in Less Than a Month Guaranteed!

By P.S. Orr Do you have mortgage payments that you can no longer afford and you need a fast home selling strategy right now? In today’s bad economy, one in thirteen home owners are facing foreclosures due to personal financial difficulties brought on by unemployment and rising living expenses. House values are dropping as well […]

Reinstating a Real Estate License in Ontario Instructions to Reinstate Your Real Estate License

By Bruno Francis Cristini Real estate agents in Ontario must renew their real estate license every 2 years under the Real Estate Council of Ontario also known as R.E.C.O. They may do so with a registered realty Brokerage in good standing with R.E.C.O. Failing to renew their license on or before their specific renewal date, […]

Quick Sale Tips Steps on Fast Home Selling

By Katrina Marie Santes Selling your homes quickly is ideally the right thing to do. Unfortunately, with the a down market, this has been nearly impossible. In fact, people are struggling to sell their homes because there aren’t too many buyers in the market. And if it were not for the perks established by the […]

How to Shortcut Your Way to a High Sales Price Without Spending a Lot of Money

By Darin Garman One thing that has really resonated with me over the years is the philosophy of having to spend a lot of money in property work, upgrades, etc. in order to get a high price when you sell. As a matter of fact, many owners have it ingrained in their heads that in […]

Why Sell to Real Estate Note Buyers?

By Stephen V. Richards There is one simple reason that people sell real estate notes, and that is to raise cash quickly. To achieve the desired result, however, you must make sure you’ve done your research: that you are selling to a reputable buyer or group of real estate note buyers, and that the buyer […]

I Cant Sell My House Due to Poor Economy!

By Joseph Park “I can’t sell my house due to poor economy.” The words were uttered by a family friend who is residing in the US and who is close to giving up after months of trying to sell her property to finance something urgent. Monthly mortgage payments can sometimes be tough on people who […]

Home Selling Tips From the Pros

By Joseph Park Selling a home can turn out to be a nightmare, if you don’t play your cards right. Before you price your property too low in your haste to get it over and done with and use up the funds for travel or for some other purpose, check out these home selling tips […]

Quick House Sale For Good Return on Equity

By Jack Jaron If you have on hand decent property then why not looks at selling it if you get a good value for your investment? These days everyone is selling off property to offset a liquidity crunch brought on by the slow economic conditions. If you need some quick cash to settle a large […]