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How to Determine the Effectiveness of a Bodybuilding Training Program

By Dane C. Fletcher The only way that a body builder can successfully recruit his or her motor units is by lifting heavy. The volume of a body building program determines how effectively the body motor units are stimulated to precise growth and development. This term, volume, is specifically used in body building circles to […]

5 Reasons Why Many Bodybuilders Fail With Their Training

By Dane C. Fletcher If you manage to succeed in the sport of bodybuilding you should be very proud of yourself because a lot of people have struggled to succeed in this sport but have ended up failing. You should never take for granted the fact that you have been able to transform your body […]

Understanding the Risks Posed by Teenage Bodybuilding

By Dane C. Fletcher Experts in the recent past had been adamant that teen body building is a risk. Most advised against teens hitting the gym with serious training simply because they believed that such intensive exercises could strain and ultimately hinder growth in the teenagers’ bodies. The reason medics emphasized against teen bodybuilding was […]

Bodybuilding Training Program For Building Muscle Mass

By Dane C. Fletcher If your objective is to gain a little bit of weight in your body building endeavor, the only thing you have to do is to open your mouth a little bit more. This does not mean you order a bushel of your favorite junk right away. We are building not destroying […]

Who Will Crash Out of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa?

By Rob Sheeps The world cup games begin in earnest on June 11 2010 in South Africa but who will be on the plane home after the group stages. Here are shock early contenders for the plane ride home. Unfortunately in Group A France have a easy set of games against Mexico, South Africa and […]

Avoid Triathlon Training Injuries With an Ice Bath

By Dr. Chris Segler Ice may be an age-old remedy for aching muscles and sore Achilles tendons, but it has an everyday use for marathon runners and triathletes. The post-run ice bath may help you to decrease muscle soreness, train harder and stay injury-free. When you train, the goal is to get sore, but not […]

Walk Run Half Marathon Training

By Sheldon Richland Walk run training is… well what the name says. It consists of running then walking and repeating the process in order to lead up to the point where you are able to run a daunting 13.1 miles. Many people hear the word “half marathon” and think, oh yeah that’s easy I can […]

Spring Bear Hunting in Idaho

By M. Wade Lewis A few years ago, my cousin invited me spring bear hunting. I had never hunted bear, and did not know what to expect. The area he hunts is open to baiting, which is the technique he typically uses to locate his quarry. The use of bait in bear hunting is a […]

Three Tips on How to Play 9 Ball Better

By Joe Bouchard Beginner players are often dabbling with many different games of pool, trying to find which one they like the most. Sooner or later every amateur is going to want to learn how to play 9 ball, too, so let me lay out three great tips help you along your way: 1) Learn […]

Various Bowling Tips Release For the Perfect Strike

By Jared D. Ingram Every game has the key element that leads to a win or a loss. In football for instance are the perfect pass and an equally perfect shot. When it comes to basketball, the same applies, the perfect through that is well timed and looped. When it comes to bowling, the release […]