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Score Your Next Trophy With Martin Archery Equipment

By Michael Dinapolis With almost sixty years in the business, the Martin Archery Equipment company is synonymous with quality and innovation. The founders of the company, Gail and Eva Martin, started out making archery equipment in their home, and have since built one of the most well-respected lines of products in sport hunting. Focusing on […]

Bowtech Bows Vertical Force Technology

By Dan Rasinweil What happens when you take the best in bows and match it with the most advanced technology? You come out with Bowtech bows Vertical Force Technology, otherwise known as VFT. First introduced in the Patriot bow, VFT almost eliminates hand shock and recoil after the shot is released. Over time you know […]

Archery Sets Tips For Choosing the Right Archery Equipment

By Ilse Hagen Both amateur and professional archers can benefit purchasing archery sets. They come with everything that you need to play the sport. Components A typical archery set normally consists of one or more arrows and a bow, although you can find sets that come with arrow tip protectors, strings, a quiver, and target […]

Dirty Secrets Concerning Your Broadheads

By Todd Janssen One of the neat things about hunting is the “shop talk.” You know when local hunters gather around and share stories and talk about equipment or the big 59 point buck someone spotted. Anyone who has been around deer hunting for awhile can vouch for the ever changing technology in deer hunting […]