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NASCAR Race Drivers How They Get Started

By Dave P Franklin I got to wondering what is all involved to become a NASCAR Race Driver.  Some of the big names in racing today started as young as four years old!  A young child interested in becoming a NASCAR Race Driver may want to start young in the carting in your local area […]

What Does NASCAR Really Stand For?

By Michael Baker Many people outside the sport of NASCAR have no idea of what it really means. They just do not understand the excitement of a bunch of people driving really fast only taking left turns. They just don’t get it. So, in essence, they really do not know what the acronym NASCAR means, […]

Nascar Tracks The Las Vegas Motor Speedway

By Christopher DiCicco Las Vegas Motor Speedway annually welcomes over 100,000 NASCAR fans to this event, bringing in the cream of the crop to compete for points in The Chase for the Sprint Cup. Over the years since its inception in 1998 the race formerly known as the UAW-Dodge 400 has been a springboard for […]

Have You Been Bitten by the Bug? Uh, The Kart Racing Bug?

By Jimmy Woodall A very nice form of motorsports is the kart Racing going on all over the country these days. Kids from age three up thru twenty one and higher, can go racing on four wheel karts, almost as often as anyone would like. The Karts are small open wheeled vehicles powered by small […]

I Used to Love NASCAR Now I Like It Part 1

By Robert Ronne What, in the name of Richard Petty, is happening to my NASCAR? I want to fall in love again. I want to get that feeling back-like an old relationship that fizzled and you’re still trying to figure out the classic WWW question…What Went Wrong? Let’s go back to the good old days-the […]

Sebastian Vettel Formula One Driver on the Rise

By Dirk Gibson Formula One used to be the home of older, experienced drivers. These days, being 27 is enough to get you branded as an old timer. Of the really young drivers in the series, none has as much potential as Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian Vettel was born on July 3, 1987 in Heppenheimm, Germany. […]

The Top 10 Race Car Drivers Ever

By Kristi Ambrose It was the year 1998 and as part of Nascars 50th anniversary they decided to gather a list of 50 of the top race car drivers in the auto racing industry, the idea first came about when the NBA granted 50 of its players for the Greatest Players In NBA history. To […]

History About the Start of Nascar

By Kristi Ambrose What started off as a way of racing stock motorcars on dirt tracks has now become as America’s biggest and most-watched sporting event. It has rapidly matched and in many places taken over even the NFL as the most-watched sport. Nascar is huge today. For those of you wondering, Nascar stands for […]

Hamilton is F1 Drivers Champion Barely

By Dirk Gibson In a fittingly amazing race for a fittingly amazing year in Formula One, Lewis Hamilton survived to win the Driver’s Championship by one point over a very stout Felipe Massa. Although he is now champion, questions remain about Hamilton’s composure. When the pressure is off, Hamilton is a driver to behold. His […]