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Ways to Have a Cheap Softball Bat

By Toby L. Rutherford You need to spend in order to enjoy a certain sport. This goes for all sports and games. There are certain materials and gears required to be purchased before you can actually play a game. Most people think that softball is an expensive sport because of the gears required for it. […]

Knowing the Value of Rare Rookie Baseball Cards

By Sue Chambers Do you know how to spot valuable rookie baseball cards? How can you tell if the card is valuable or not? If you are new to card collecting, there are a number of factors that you have to bear in mind. These factors may very well set you apart from would be […]

Three Strikes and Youre Out

By Wiley Channell Yes and no and maybe. We have been told this "three strikes and you are out." The use of this phrase has been used to be descriptive on many aspects of life. A myth sometimes is nothing more than a myth and then again it can have some truth or some half […]

Softball Tips Beyond the Skills Qualities Every Softball Player Needs to Have

By Marc Dagenais You have already nailed down the fundamentals, yet somehow, you still feel that there’s something lacking in your game. It’s difficult to determine. You’ve read practically almost all of the softball tips you can put your hands on, but still you don’t find what the problem exactly is. Still struggling to find […]

Major League Hitting Drills

By Jack Perconte Major league hitters have very advanced swing fundamentals, which explain how they made it to the major leagues. However, it is important to note that fundamentals are fundamentals. The drills that are designed for little league players are the same drills that major league players perform. There are numerous baseball hitting drills […]

The Swing and Squat Jump The Best Speed Workout For Baseball in 2 Exercises!

By Brandon Richey Speed workouts for baseball must focus on muscular power and the development of a quick responsive neuromuscular system. This is done by you engaging in movements that are designed to be quick and explosive to train your body to REACT in a quick and explosive manner! This is the key to obtaining […]

Softball Fielding Tips Qualities of a Good Softball Fielder

By Marc Dagenais More than just having good pitchers and catchers, a team needs a good softball fielders to create a tight-knit defensive team. Obviously, the catcher and pitcher cannot play defense by themselves, considering the area of the field they have to cover. But what qualities make for a good softball fielder? It takes […]

Your Quick Reference Softball Coaching Guide

By Marc Dagenais If there’s one member of a softball team who’s always busy 7 days a week, it would be the softball coach. Great softball coaches eat and breathe the game. They’re the types who are always looking for ways to make their team perform better. That is why I came up with this […]

The Hard Facts About Perpendicular Vs Parallel Bat Rolling and Who to Use

By Mike Carson 5-6 years ago it was determined you could achieve this same result without having to put all the wear and tear on your bat by rolling, during this Bat Rolling process your bat is compressed through hard plastic or Nylon Rollers in a Bat Rolling Machine. The is called an Accelerated Break […]

Who Makes the Best Youth Baseball Bat? Find Out Here

By Brandon Bland Many parents want to know what the best youth baseball bat is for their child. Although there are many different brands of bats I would recommend, there is one that has particularly stood out to me consistently as I hear parents talk. There was a kid in our local Little League that […]