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Three Tips on How to Play 9 Ball Better

By Joe Bouchard Beginner players are often dabbling with many different games of pool, trying to find which one they like the most. Sooner or later every amateur is going to want to learn how to play 9 ball, too, so let me lay out three great tips help you along your way: 1) Learn […]

Billiard Gloves 101

By Paul Potter After a few hours of playing billiards, the hands can get sweaty and sticky. This leads to cue sticks snagging on the skin. A common remedy is that players put talc powder on their hands to ensure a smooth glide. But doing so can leave a lot mess. Talc powder sometimes end […]

Is Your Billiards Slate?

By Clint Merrell When it comes right down to Billiards, there is no better surface to play on then slate. Slate allows your ball to get a nice even roll and if the table is leveled properly, your ball will also roll nice and straight. A leveled Billiards definitely helps with those difficult long distance […]

The Five Minute Guide of the Anatomy of a Pool Cue

By J. Davis What do you know about a pool cue? There are probably people out there that play pool, but don’t know how the different parts of one function. You’re about to get an anatomy of the 13 parts of the pool cue, starting from the tip and ending at the bumper. This is […]