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Family Outing Boating Trips

By Chris Horbach Boating is a great family activity. It is relaxing and fun, healthy, and educational. Families that boat together can make many happy memories out on the water. It’s important to take care of nature while having fun boating. Boating can be hard on marine ecosystems if proper precautions are not followed. If […]

Tracing the Beginnings of the Traditional Outrigger Canoes

By Anthony Doyle What are outrigger canoes? How did it get such name? The outrigger canoe is mostly used to transport people from island to island. This kind of a canoe possesses more than one lateral support floats which are termed as outriggers. The outriggers are carefully fastened into the two sides of the central […]

Factors on Choosing the Best Surf Canoe Kit For You

By Cynthia Olga Surf canoe kits are especially great for people who derive extra pleasure from building things. They come in a range of prices and types, and it’s important to buy the ideal kit for you so as not to waste money. What Affects Your Choice of Surf Canoe Kits Level of Experience – […]

Some Facts on the Best Strips to Use For a Canoe

By Steven Merusi When people start arguing about the best strips to use for a canoe, they’re simply discussing the best materials that they are made of. If you’re planning on purchasing a unit yourself, you should give careful thought on its material. The type of strips used for them can easily affect your chances […]

A Quick Guide in Choosing the Best Canoe Rack For You

By Michelle Russell Canoe racks can be another necessity for a canoe hobbyist. These devices are the one that hold your canoe as you transport it over the hood of your car. These devices are relatively small and may seem irrelevant, but it could well determine the fate of your canoe as you take outside […]

Canoeing is Fun and Challenging

By Marina Rodriguez Canoeing and other water sports are great leisure activities. In fact, they are typically at the hub of a group’s or a person’s recreational timetable. A canoe trip is an exciting hobby that can be enjoyed not just in the sea but also on a pond, stream or lake. Depending on the […]

Outrigger Canoe Wheels 101

By Marina Rodriguez Before launching on a tirade of information regarding outrigger canoe wheels, one must first know what they are. Many tourists and natives in tropical surfing islands got used to outrigger canoes and consequently, the wheels are most important for it to operate. You cannot sail through the lovely view without the wheels […]

All About Rogue River 14 Canoes

By Cynthia Olga The weekend’s just around the corner and you’re wondering how you can spend those free hours a little differently. If you’re craving for novelty and excitement, we have three words for you: Rogue River canoeing! which of Which: rogue river or Rogue River? If you search online for the words Rogue River […]

Getting to Know the Old Town Canoe Parts

By Steven Merusi The truth about canoeing as a fun and challenging activity cannot be denied by anybody. Better ask the canoeing aficionados and they’ll attest as to how exciting the feeling of canoeing is. Wherever you go, as long as there are waters, you can surely go on a canoeing activity. But then you […]

All About Canoes and Replacement Canoe Seats

By Marina Rodriguez Canoes have been in existence for thousands of years and have in fact been used as the main means of transportation by the early American Indians. The word canoe, which came from the word kenu which means dugout, was probably named as such because the early canoes were dugout or carved from […]