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How to Determine the Effectiveness of a Bodybuilding Training Program

By Dane C. Fletcher The only way that a body builder can successfully recruit his or her motor units is by lifting heavy. The volume of a body building program determines how effectively the body motor units are stimulated to precise growth and development. This term, volume, is specifically used in body building circles to […]

5 Reasons Why Many Bodybuilders Fail With Their Training

By Dane C. Fletcher If you manage to succeed in the sport of bodybuilding you should be very proud of yourself because a lot of people have struggled to succeed in this sport but have ended up failing. You should never take for granted the fact that you have been able to transform your body […]

Understanding the Risks Posed by Teenage Bodybuilding

By Dane C. Fletcher Experts in the recent past had been adamant that teen body building is a risk. Most advised against teens hitting the gym with serious training simply because they believed that such intensive exercises could strain and ultimately hinder growth in the teenagers’ bodies. The reason medics emphasized against teen bodybuilding was […]

Bodybuilding Training Program For Building Muscle Mass

By Dane C. Fletcher If your objective is to gain a little bit of weight in your body building endeavor, the only thing you have to do is to open your mouth a little bit more. This does not mean you order a bushel of your favorite junk right away. We are building not destroying […]

An Ideal Diet For Bodybuilders

By Dane C. Fletcher It is everyone’s dream to know what’s the master diet for body building. People have sought for this secret all over but it all ends up in dilemma. Some materials are available in books, the different websites, and other explored avenues but in the long run they tend to confuse people […]

Body Building Routines 7 Tips to Develop Your Own Custom Bodybuilding Routine

By Gerry Marsh There is no cut-in-stone formula for developing your own body building routine but there are several tips that will  help make certain your body building routine is the best one for you and get you the toned, sculpted body you so desire. Tip #1 – If you cannot easily fit it into […]

The Health Benefits of Weight Training

By Dane C. Fletcher If you want to lose weight, fitness training has been known to be a very effective technique. If you are also trying to increase your body mass, weight training is also a very effective weight training technique. Other benefits of fitness training include; 1. Health benefits If you want to promote […]

Reasons Why Bodybuilders Need to Avoid Overeating

By Dane C. Fletcher After a considerable level of success in the gym, body builders become prone to many dangers of conduct, character and lifestyle. Some get in social problems because of violent tendencies while others become arrogant and proud. But the most common habit disorder is overeating. Perhaps it accrues from years of emphasizing […]

What is a Good Bodybuilding Workout? Skinny Guy Workout Secrets to Build Muscle

By John Wheeler Skinny guys and hardgainers who are looking to gain muscle mass often wonder “what is a good bodybuilding workout?” Unfortunately much of the establishment fitness press doesn’t provide good workouts for the skinny guy who struggles to gain weight and muscle. If this is your situation and you are frustrated at not […]

How is Functional Training Different From Bodybuilding?

By Luke Trencevski Any individual who says that either “functional”, bodybuilding or any other single format for exercise is the only or the best way to train either does not understand the concepts of the various forms of training or is too close-minded to recognize new possibilities. Unfortunately, there are too many individuals who tout […]