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Various Bowling Tips Release For the Perfect Strike

By Jared D. Ingram Every game has the key element that leads to a win or a loss. In football for instance are the perfect pass and an equally perfect shot. When it comes to basketball, the same applies, the perfect through that is well timed and looped. When it comes to bowling, the release […]

How to Aim a Bowling Ball Bowling Tips For Beginners

By Gary Oakes Are you an occasional bowler who, although you enjoy bowling, gets a bit frustrated because your scores usually, well how can I say this delicately… stink? Do you find that you can’t seem to consistently hit the head pin with the first ball? Help has finally arrived-simple steps to take to keep your bowling […]

The Bowling Mental Game The Mental Game of Bowling

By Mark D. Williams This is an approach to the mental game of bowling. In the sports world it is known that the mental outlook is very important for success. This is true not only in sporting events, but in all aspects of life. There are several ways to achieve this positive outlook. The following […]

How to Choose Bowling Balls

By Sean Lannin If you want to get serious about bowling, owning your own bowling ball is an important step to take. Making use of the standard balls at the bowling alley is fine for occasional recreational play, but even if you only plan on taking part in an amateur bowling league, getting your own […]

Bowling For Scholarships

By Christopher Kamens Bowling is such a great sport for everyone, whether it’s for a birthday party, family outing/activity, or a league/tournament. Bowling is the most popular family sport in America. Bowling leagues are also great for kids, as they meet new people and have fun every week when they’re bowling a league, which is […]

Stages of Bowling Lane Conditioning

By Mark D. Williams The stages of bowling lane conditioning are something most bowlers, and many pro shop operators, know little about. This has been true for the 30 plus years that I have been involved in the game. A bowling ball must go through three stages, or zones. 1. Slide 2. Hook 3. Roll […]

What Everybody Ought to Know About Bowling Help

By Mike Schnell I’m all about protecting consumers and I talk about marketing tactics all the time. The strategies used are the same, no matter the industry, service or product, and the technology that exists has forced people to change the way they do and find business. This idea applies to everything; even when you […]

Tips On the Hook Technique For Bowling

By Jordan Matthews It seems like people are always looking for tips on making their game better than it was before. The hook technique for bowling is no exception to the things that can be added. Before we discuss any hook technique, we will define ‘hook’ for clarification: A hook is measured by boards and […]