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The Pacquiao Phenomenon

By Bar Famero A few years ago, when Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao was making waves in the boxing world, he was uniquely dubbed by one of the most respected boxing analysts in the Ring Magazine as “the most exciting fighter in the planet”. Although non-traditional as it may seem, the label was very much appropriate and […]

Secrets to Hitting the Punch Bags

By Jermaine Ricketts As a boxing and fitness trainer, I’ve seen too many young, strong & healthy athletes injure their hands while hitting the punch bags. This is often devastating for boxers as breaking or fracturing your wrist will set you back. If you’re training for a fight, you must know how to hit a […]

Learn How to Fight

By Bob Z Harris Bare hands fighting of any style involves two general areas of combat. The first is standing and striking, and the other is fighting on the ground. Area1. Standing and striking. Much hand-to-hand combat is done in this area, and in fact all self-defense forms involve fighting standing up. The elementary combat […]

What Pinoy Pride? Manny Pacquiao Gain Could Be a Loss to the Golden Boy Dela Hoya

By Rocky Mali There was a time when the only hottest news about boxing worth talking about was Mike Tyson’s pitiful plan to become a porn star alongside (or on top of) Jeena Jameson. Boxing then was downgraded to becoming a Mike Tyson drama. Do you notice we don’t have much TV programs dedicated to […]

3 Tips That Can Save Your Life

By Lawrence Ragos Warning: the descriptions could be graphic, but do I have a choice? Some of the people I have met in the past have asked me if boxing is considered self- defense. I usually answer them with an “it depends”. Both men and women have this little fear inside of them that they […]

Wing Chun Chinese Boxing

By Allen Owen Wing Chun was made known to many Westerners through its most famous disciple- Jun Fan, English name: Bruce Lee. It is from the basic principles of this ancient Chinese martial art, a branch of Kung Fu, that the Little Dragon patterned his own art- Jeet Kune Do after. The exact origin of […]

Should Calzaghe Keep Fighting Instead of Retiring?

By Angel G. Gonzalez There is a question that many of us wants to be answered. Should Joe Calzaghe keep fighting instead of retiring? I want yes as an answer. But to think about it in Calzaghe’s terms, no. There are times that I agree with him. He has beaten almost everyone, and I think […]

October a Knockout Month in the Ring Upsets and Controversy

By Robert Epstein Upset of the Month – Hopkins over Pavlik When you reflect back on the month of October, definitely your first thought would be how the ageless wonder Bernard Hopkins upset the younger Kelly Pavlik. Actually Hopkins went beyond expectations he dominated Pavlik round after round Hopkins schooled Pavlik in the art of […]

2008 The Year For the Underdogs!

By Angel G. Gonzalez We are done with 2008. The years just pass by so quickly. I myself was thinking that the undefeated boxers would have their year here. But it was quite the opposite. This was the year for the underdogs. Every fighter is going to have his first loss sooner or later, but […]