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Cheer Bows Centre of Attraction in Cheerleading

By Ales Oms Cheer Bows are among integral part of cheerleading costumes. It displays the unique features and highlights the vibrant personality of cheerleaders. For audience it works as prime mode of identifying different teams. Cheerleaders give serious thoughts while selecting cheerleading ribbons for them. Nowadays, they are available in different designs and colors. The […]

Cheerleading to Music to Razzle the Crowd

By Lance Winslow Cheerleading is about igniting the energy of the crowd, and then there are cheerleading competitions, which are for judging style, precision, and team work. There is a lot that goes into this sport and although many don’t see it as a sport, I surely do, and I’ll explain why in a minute. […]

A Brief History of Cheerleading

By Katie O’Hara Whenever you go to a sporting event, no matter what sport or level, fans love to cheer for their favorite teams. This has been so as long as sporting events have taken place, but organized cheering (or cheerleading) dates back to 1898. Thomas Peebles brought cheering to the University of Minnesota from […]

Cheerleading on Your Hen Weekend

By Amy Elizabeth Harrison A hen party is all about getting your favourite girls together, relaxing and having fun. Whether you choose just one night or a whole weekend of entertainment, you’ll want to choose activities that give you plenty of laughs and let you enjoy each other’s company. If you’re looking for something a […]

Cheerleading Competitions

By Leif-Harald Nesheim Cheerleading Competitions have become a very popular sporting event. Cheerleading squats from all over the world come to show their dance moves and routines in the hopes of winning state and National recognition as well as cash prizes. The majority of those competing come from schools but some cheerleading teams are not […]

Cheerleading and Safety, Part III

By Paul Hopkins In the last article I talked to you about knowing the difference between the two types of injuries in cheerleading. Now we are going to focus on the preventable injuries type. We all know what these types are. However, how do we prevent these injuries from occurring? The first step is to […]

Tips on Creating a Cheer Leading Mix

By Stevie Dee When it comes time to create the cheer mix for your cheer leading competition you’ll notice the members of your squad will have very mixed opinions on what the cheer mix should sound like. You’ll find choosing the right blend of music can be very difficult. Since everyone has their own opinions […]

Why Cheerleading is the Most Dangerous Womens Sport?

By J Howard Lack of Fully Equipped Training Facilities and Equipment A simple comparison of the average gymnastics and the average cheerleading training facility shows how poorly the average cheerleading training facility is equipped. Many cheer programs have no specialized training facility at all and many have no or minimal equipment. This makes learning cheerleading […]