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Rock Climbing Grip The Best Strength Training Exercise For Rock Climbers to Ensure Their Hold!

By Brandon Richey Hanging on to a ledge takes a lot of effort. Not only does your rock climbing technique have to be spot on, but so does your strength training program. It is no secret that rock climbers have to have an iron grip. One of the best ways to develop your rock climbing […]

Altitude Sickness Also Known As Acute Mountain Sickness Symptoms and Natural Solutions

By Chris T Flynn Each year millions of outdoor enthusiasts travel to the mountains for an adventure. Whether it be backpacking, skiing, mountain climbing, hunting or other activities, traveling to high altitudes, for some, has its drawbacks. Many people who come to the mountains in pursuit of adventure often times are coming from significantly lower […]

Rock Climbing Guides

By Peter Gitundu Mountain climbing is a fun activity for many people and it is not uncommon to see people travel over long distances, just to get to mountainous regions to engage in this thrilling activity. What is more thrilling is the thought of being so high up above sea level, with lesser oxygen and […]

Rock Climbing Holds

By Peter Gitundu Rock climbing can sometimes prove hard, especially if the area around which one goes for the activity is far from where one resides. There is always a way out when faced with such a situation and the solution is to make use of rock climbing holds like an artificial wall. It can […]

Safe Water Bottles For Summer Hiking and Climbing

By Marc Hilt The summer out door season is here. But do not just grab that old Nalgene water bottle and head out doors. Even more important do not drop by the local convenience store and pick up a few of those disposable sports bottle full of what is often called mountain spring water (which […]

Mountain Hiking in Kerala

By Dev Sri Mountain Hiking is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery on the way and from the top. Anyone enjoy the good walk will also enjoy the hiking experience within the mountainous regions of Kerala. The lower attitude regions of Nilgiri Hills provide some pretty […]

Jeep Rock Climbing

By Peter Gitundu Among the many interesting activities that people engage in is rock climbing. This involves going up high and steep rocks so as to either have fun or to engage in some sort of competition. It is an activity that requires a lot of enthusiasm and energy if you are to hit your […]