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Best Commuter Bikes

By Ed Fry What defines the best commuter bikes? Defining “best” is totally relative, so factoring in the demands of a commuter; we came up with the following. 1 – They’re Comfortable No one likes to be going to and from work with any stress or tension, or even pain in their body. Part of […]

Forgotten When One Talks About Cycle Races Lance Armstrong

By John Farellboom A name which can not be forgotten when one talks about cycle races is Lance Armstrong. An icon and role model for many, Lance Armstrong has been winning cycle race Tour de France many times. Apart from all his success and achievements in life, Lance Armstrong has a big battle to fight. […]

How to Choose a Working Class Mountain Bike

By Winston Endall When it comes time to get your next mountain bike pay attention to the details. Don’t fall prey to the marketing. Do your homework and you will end up with a bike that will stand up to the real world. Cross country mountain bikes – Full Suspension Many high-end and low end […]

Bike Racing Tips Here Are Easy Ways That Will Help You Win Races

By Mark S Myers It is not difficult to win bike races if you know what to do and how to prepare. Here are bike racing tips that are easy to do and will help you win races. Bike racing can be both exhilarating and exhausting, but if you want to win you need to […]

Bicycle Car Racks Key Secrets to Choosing the Right Rack

By Gary Frangs If you looking for bicycle car racks then is most likely that you know what a mission it is to fit your bikes into the vehicle if you have to always dismantle them. But there is such a variety of racks on the market and can you even imagine where to begin […]

Mens Bicycle 3 Essential Expert Tips to Know When Buying a Mens Bicycle

By Kelly Nickless One of the most important steps is to conduct a needs analysis-of yourself. What type of cycling do you plan to do? Which features and components would best suit your biking needs? Do you plan bike short, moderate, or lengthy distances? These are all important considerations, to ensure that you find the […]

Bicycling The Easiest and Fastest Way For Anyone to Fix a Flat Tire During Distance Riding

By J Delms Flat tires can be intimidating to new distance riders, or to anyone who thinks their mechanical skills are not good enough to fix them in the field without help. Actually, however, most bicycle flats are easy to fix on the spot with minor preparations beforehand. Here is how to turn an unexpected flat tire […]

How to Install an Electric Bicycle Kit

By Steven Bodenstein What with the recession, a growing environmental awareness, and rapidly rising gasoline prices, more and more people are developing a growing interest in the electric bicycle. The electric bike has long been a transportation staple in Asia and Europe and is just now making its way to the shores of the New World. Electric […]

All About Cycling Avoiding Flat Tyres

By Wayne Armstrong It’s certainly a pain to have to change a flat tyre as a recreational cyclist but to suffer from a flat tyre during a race could often be the difference between a good time and a bad one, between winning and losing, or even between staying in the saddle and crashing out. […]

Vanderkitten Racer Melissa Sanborn Living the Pro Cyclists Dream (Part II)

By Kathryn C. Wilder, Ph.D. K.C. Wilder: In Part I of this interview, you talked about getting past fear of failure in your racing. Can you tell me more about how you get past fear of failure in the middle of a race? Melissa Sanborn: It helps to get past fear of failure. The doing/doubting […]