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Dance Workout Can a Healthy Habit Really Be This Good?

By Dana Fischer There are so many things that might make a person dance, and there are so many reasons why a person might want to dance. But one thing is for sure, dancing is always relaxing. You feel your inhibitions leaving you as you dance and you become a much more freer person. But, […]

Dance Tights Are an Important Element of the Outfit

By Treak Eric Although there are many elements that make up a full dance outfit for many different users, dance tights are a very important part of the ensemble. They are flexible enough to be wearable during rehearsals and actual performance; the tights involved with dancing are not dissimilar to normal tights worn by women […]

Belly Dancing Costumes Top Tips

By Tanya Haden Tebb Whether you are a professional or just beginning to discover this wonderful art, belly dancing costumes are one of the most glorious aspects. Whether you are into sensual, fantasy or romantic there are a fabulous variety of styles to choose from that will make you look and feel the part. Belly […]

How to Do a Perfect Pirouette

By Michel Maling Doing perfect pirouettes are one of the most challenging things a dancer faces when trying to perfect her steps. They can also be very frustrating as one day you will be able to spin endlessly and other days you will keep loosing your balance. A pirouette is a turn or whirl on […]

Ballet Bar Perfect Supply to Practice Ballet Dance!

By Ian Hafiz Everyone knows that ballet dance is one of the most adorable dances in western countries. The reason that why this it is too much famous is because it is the toughest one as compare to other dance types. It is quite difficult to perform its moves and steps while dancing that’s why […]

Styles of a Ballet Bar

By Sarah Nabila The art of ballet dancing requires a degree of control over the upper body and it will also require a vast amount of willpower and patience. Ballet is a form of dance that is normally taught within a studio. There are some essential elements for the studio and these are that it […]

An Introduction to Salsa Steps

By Vaillant Little Before you start mastering your Salsa steps it can be useful to get an overview of the Salsa dance. In this article I will describe Salsa from a birds-eye perspective, so you get the bigger picture, while learning the different Salsa steps. Salsa is danced in 4 beats and 3 steps. Now […]

What Tap Dancers Should Consider When Buying a Portable Tap Floor, Board, Or Mat

By Terence Smith For those tap dancers serious about their profession, a portable tap floor, board, or mat is a critical part of the equipment that enables them to perfect their technique. Owning a portable practice floor gives tap dancers the chance to practice their moves outside a studio, honing their craft and raising their […]

Dance Accessories Are There For Every Dancer

By Treak Eric At times it will seem that there are so many different dance accessories available, that it is an almost endless market but sadly, people don’t have an unlimited supply of cash so there has to be some selections made. Depending on what type of dancing a dancer takes part in, their choice […]

Tips For Performing Ballet Bar Exercises

By Robert A Hull There are Six Basic Positions for Ballet Bar Exercise 1. Make sure that both feet are turned out and close to your heels. 2. The same as the first position but keep a 12 inch gap between your feet. 3. The same as first position but with the heel of your […]