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Horseback Riding For Kids Keeping Them Safe

By Kirk McGowan Safety gear is critical not only for the health and well being of your children, but also for your own personal sanity. Who needs the stress of worrying about your kids, while they’re out having a great time? Additionally, safety knowledge evolves over time (sadly, often out of tragedy), and technology evolves […]

Natural Mohair vs Synthetic Mecates

By Jason John Brand 100 percent mohair breast collars, mecates and cinchs – Vaquero style! A new Mecate is pretty, but an old Mecate is beautiful. All of the hair prickles are worn off so the pattern is very crisp and distinct. The colors are still as bright as the day it was made. There […]

Wade Horse Riding Saddles The Resurgence

By Brian Wisz A saddle serves as a seat for the rider of a horse, cinched on to the back using some sort of a strap, and providing support to help the rider stay on top of the pony during riding. There are 5 general types of saddles : British , Western, sidesaddle, military, and […]

Winter Well

By Sean Prenderville For all horse owners and carers it has been a severe winter so far. The coldest for some considerable time, 20 years in fact, and it is still just the beginning of January. For horses and ponies living out it can be miserable but for discerning owners and carers it is or […]

2 Quick Tips For Coping With Irrational Fear While Horseback Riding

By Jane Savoie I often hear from horseback riders that they have irrational fears about being out of control or getting hurt when riding. The fear seems irrational because they’ve never actually had an accident or injury. So they wonder where the fear comes from. For what it’s worth, I used to have “irrational fears” […]

Tips For Fitting a Western Saddle

By Karen Gall It’s so much fun to go western saddle shopping.  But it can be overwhelming too, because you don’t what size or how to make sure the saddle is going to fit your horse. One of the biggest mistakes I see with saddle buying is not making sure the tree is straight.  Saddle […]

Fit an Arabian Horse Show Into Your Program Plus WSCA Shows and Other Tips

By Steve D Evans Why not organize a group outing to a local horse show with your barn, club, team, school, church, or group of friends. If you call most show sales telephone number and ask for a group discount you will very often find the Sales Department can assist you with ticket discounts along […]

A Stately Ride

By David Rose-Massom STATELY TRIALS Most sporting events it is hard to see the action because it is too far away or the crowds are too great and there is always someone standing in your way. For two days back at the end of April though I stood in the shadow of a stunning stately […]

Are You Confused About the Aids to Ask Your Horse to Leg Yield?

By Jane Savoie The seat, leg, and rein aids to leg yield your horse both on a diagonal line and on a circle are as follows. A. Here are the aids for leg yielding over to the right on a diagonal line (like from the quarterline over to long side) or along a straight line […]

Supple Posture, a Depth of Seat Discovering Skeletal Balance, Core Efficiency, and Supple Control

By Michele Morseth In 1733 F.R. de la Guérinière lamented that to bring out the beauty of our horse we need “an air of ease and freedom… a controlled yet supple posture…depth of seat” but riders weren’t working to achieve it. And today? Despite knowledge of biomechanics and physiology elegance and control on a moving […]