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Wakesurf Boards The Importance of Apex

By James M Walker What importance does the apex of a wakesurf board have? First, let us spend some time quickly defining it. The apex is the highest point of the curve that is the rocker. Realistically, that point changes somewhat as the board is rolled on that rocker. However, we can limit the relative […]

What is Orbing and is it Safe?

By Thor Hanso A brilliant, new and fun adrenaline thrill ride is sweeping the United Kingdom. The new thrill ride is called Orbing. It is also often referred to as Zorbing and Sphereing. Orbing involves rolling down a steep hill in a gigantic inflatable ball. You are either splashing around inside the ball or flipping […]

How to Barspin on a BMX Bike

By Christian Honer The barspin is a very difficult trick to learn, but once you learn them they are fun and easy. I’m going to show you how to get them on a BMX Bike. You have to decide whether you want to learn them flat (bunny hop barspin) or out of a slope, bank […]

Keep Cool While Hiking

By Dan Camarda To keep cool while hiking is easier than you may think. Taking steps to help stay cool in the heat of the day is often the difference between a grueling experience and a pleasant walk in the park. We will cover a few techniques to accomplish our goal. Whatever you can do […]

Paintball Tips Experience Forms Better Paintball Players

By Ryan Gert Paintball is a thrilling sport full of shooting, running, squatting, crawling, and more. It is an active sport that favors those who have fast reaction time, are quick, have good accuracy, and have good experience. When picking for teams, the more experienced, better players are most likely to be picked before anyone […]

Thor Quadrant Boot Cheap and Cheerful

By Grant Draper The economy is spinning out of control and everyone seems to be going nuts. But stop, since the ‘recession’ has sunk its teeth in on a worldwide scale, have you not noticed the price of motocross is coming down? Sure, keep going to your local dealer and you’ll pay the same prices; […]

Staying Safe With White Water Rafting

By Sydney Garrison The term white water rafting comes from the way in which the water rushed past rocks and other items in the river, turning the water white. Because of the speed at wish the water rushes through the river, and the many obstacles in the river, white water rafting can be a dangerous […]

Starting an Airsoft Team

By Justin Kander When people first start playing airsoft, it is usually small games, often one-on-one or two-on-two. Skirmishes of this nature are great for when you are a beginner, but there comes a point when you will want to move on and start taking things to the next level. In order to do this, […]

The Sniper Veil A Great Accessory For Sniper Ghillie Suits

By Marc Galeazzi One of the best things to use for any sniper ghillie suit is a sniper veil. This is a type of veil that can cover up the face of the hunter so that the user of one of these suits can be especially well protected. A sniper veil is a type of […]

Tips For Buying Cheap Airsoft Guns at an Airsoft Gun Auction

By Marc Galeazzi Auctions can occur around the country for a variety of different types of products. In fact online auction sites have made it possible for people to find all sorts of different things for sale. Airsoft guns are no exception. There are many groups that offer airsoft gun auctions but it will help […]