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E Hughes The Unsung Hero

By Guerrelyne Gautreau Emily Is True Class Act I have just taken a look at the team envelope for the 2008/2009 season. While I was elated with the Kimmie’s team A assignment; even though she did not do well by “our” standard this season, however she did well enough to achieve Team A status. What […]

Strengthen Your Core and Leg Muscles For Fun Skating

By Guerrelyne Gautreau The reason core strength and leg strength are important for any sport, specifically skating, is because most movements and balance depend on your leg muscles and your core strength. If your core and your leg muscles are weak, it becomes extremely difficult to achieve any skating skills. Good balance not only keeps […]

The Benefits of Learning to Speed Skate

By Morgan Hamilton Do you know what speed skating is? No matter how its name sounds, this is a type of sport whose goal is to cover a certain distance going as fast as possible. I probably must add that this is awesome excercise as well. There are different types of speed skating like long […]

Surreal I Dream of Kimmie

By Guerrelyne Gautreau As with any competition Kimmie is involved in, I usually don’t watch until after I’ve read about the results; or I can fast forward my “Tivo” to the scores to see her standings. Then I decide how to watch that particular event. But this competition was unusual, I had no choice but […]