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Questions That Should Be Asked When Building a Pond in the Backyard

By Lawrence Leary Building a pond sees the introduction of a pleasing water feature to any home, and gives the whole family an interesting fun filled project of building your own pond and landscaping into an ideal spot in your backyard. Building water fixtures takes some imagination and practical consideration too. How big of a […]

How to Get Your Koi Pond Equipment Set For Winter

By Alan Deacon Depending on the climate in your area you will need to decide if you are going to run your pump and filter system through the winter. If temperatures mostly stay well above freezing then it would be advantageous to keep your pump and filter running throughout the winter. The bacteria in your […]

Koi Pond A Great Investment

By Irdayante Kadir A fish pond can be an additional attraction to the totality of your house. If you are really serious of creating this in any portion of your home, say in your garden, then you should be ready and prepare yourself with all the possible expenses and required efforts needed for maintenance. Read […]

When to Test the Water in a Koi Pond

By Sarah Nabila Monitoring all the parameters, particularly ammonia, nitrite and pH, should be carried out as often as necessary to ensure that the pond remains healthy. Undertake the other tests when circumstances require, for example when oxygen levels fall in warm, thunder weather or when fish become lethargic. You can choose from a wide […]

Why Should You Consider Koi As a Hobby?

By Adam B Short Raising Koi is a totally unique idea for a hobby. Many Koi owners consider this a very rewarding hobby and some may even consider them as pets. If you have ever considered keeping fish, Koi is a great idea because not only are they fun to watch eat, but are also […]

Choosing a Koi Pond Filter

By Barbara Neitzel Your koi pond filter is one of the most important components of your successful kio pond. Pond filters will not only make your water clearer, but, more importantly, they remove the organic waste, ammonia and nitrates from your pond water. Without a filter removing these from the water, your koi fish could […]

What You Should Know About a Koi Pond Floor

By Paul Kramer The shape of the pond floor is an equally important part of the design. Modern koi ponds take the dirty water from the lowest point of the pond through a bottom drain. These are available in many shapes and sizes, and range from modified flat roof outlets to purpose built high pressure […]

How to Build Your Koi Pond

By Christopher H. Andrews A koi pond is a major part of keeping koi and must be built with careful consideration of various factors. Remember, the majority of ponds are permanent once they are built. You cannot change your mind about its location or design after one or two weeks of construction work. So bear […]

Liner Ponds and Pondless Waterfalls An Asset Or Liability?

By Douglas Hoover The first “pondless waterfall” was designed and built in Fallbrook, California in the early 1980’s, long before the advent of rubber or PVC pond liners. However, that particular design was referred to as a “childproof waterfall” with its descriptive name lending a better definition of its function and purpose. This design was […]

Pond Liners 7 Reasons Why I Dont Use Them

By Douglas Hoover 1. Liners will eventually leak. Manufacturers have varying warranties, ranging from 15 to 30 years, with a 75-year life expectancy. In reality, it will definitely last as long as the guarantee claims as long as you leave it in the box, and store it in your garage. Once you place it in […]