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What Types of Fishing Reels Are There?

By Viarna Lopal Like Fishing Rods, your range of fishing reels is simply huge. You can buy reels for fishing in freshwater, reels for fishing off boats, reels for fishing off beaches, Alvey fishing reels, electronic fishing reels and everything in between. Don’t be too concerned or overwhelmed by this though; it’s not hard to […]

Tactics For Fall Crappie Fishing!

By Gregory Jackson Crappie fishing during the fall can be frustrating. The unstable weather patterns during the fall can reek havoc on the water temperatures and cause the fish to scatter. Crappie can be found shallow, deep, or anywhere in between depending on the situation. So what do we do? Generally speaking, early in the […]

Tuna Fishing Tips

By Gurg Sumit Kumar The fun of Fishing is in fishing for Tuna fish. These species are also called Allison tuna and has a wide range like yellowfin, bigeye, longtail and bluefin. The yellowfin tuna is one of the most economical fish in the world. The fishermen worldwide take hundred and thousands of tons of […]

25 Ways to Be a Stealthy Angler

By Rex Bledsoe If you are looking for an edge to catch more fish, perhaps one or two ideas from this list will make the difference. Here we go, 25 ways to be a stealthy angler: 1. Wear visually quiet camo clothing from Aqua Design. 2. Always follow suggestion number one. 3. Use camouflage for […]

Fishing Charters Enjoying the Open Water For Less

By Joshua Killingsworth Fishing charters or fishing trips have made fishing a sports craze from coast to coast. From the Outer banks to Seattle, from Cape Cod to the Florida keys -fishing has become the newest American past time. Charters are done either offshore or inshore and even out on the Gulf Stream. Fishing charters […]

Is an Ice Fishing Rod All You Need? 3 Things You Need to Be Safe For a Day on the Frozen Pond

By Bobbie Bailey An Ice fishing rod is obviously the one tool you will need to catch the fish out on the ice. The sport of ice fishing is a long standing tradition passed down from father to son. If you are new to the sport, it is important to have the right equipment when […]

The Black Bass Family

By Adam Alpers Black bass have gained an enormous notoriety for being the most challenging sport fish there is that exists. They are of the genus Micropterus. There are several different Micropterus (also known as bass) that flourish waters all over the region, however the warmer climate the better as the black bass family tend […]

Fishing For Bass 3 Effective Bass Lures

By Trevor Kugler Anyone who spends time fishing for bass undoubtedly knows how important their bass fishing lures are. Choosing the proper bass fishing lure can mean the difference between success and failure when fishing for bass. In this article I will outline 3 extremely effective bass lures. If any of these bass lures aren’t […]

Three Tips to Improve Your Fly Casting

By Ian Hugh Scott Many of us start out fly fishing on our own. Professional instruction is the best way to learn at the beginning but you can still enjoy the sport and become a proficient caster without it. Here are some tips that could help you improve your casting: Watch your line. Although some […]

What the Heck is a Tippet?

By Ian Hugh Scott Often those who are new to fly fishing get confused with some of the nomenclature used in the sport. Fly rods are generally rated by “line weight” to match a line with the same number. For example, a 5 weight rod should ideally cast a 5 weight line. Fly lines don’t […]