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2010 Papa Johns Bowl

By Freddie Brister It doesn’t seem like much of a reward for a season, playing in a bowl game named after a pizza chain, but for the UConn Huskies, it was just as important as if they had played for the National Championship. Their teammate, Jasper Howard, was murdered in an on campus stabbing after […]

The Favorite Receivers of Dallas Cowboys Great Troy Aikman

By Mark Peters Troy Aikman is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is also one of the most popular quarterbacks ever to play the position for the Dallas Cowboys, and that is saying something. During his 12 year career in the National Football League, all of it spent with the Cowboys, […]

Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre The Foot Comparison!

By Peter Wishnie You cannot watch football this season without hearing about Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. They have been over analyzed in every way possible. So much attention surrounds the legend and the rising star who replaced him. They have faced each other twice already this season, both with a Favre victory, yet the […]

Will the Cowboys Ever Be the Team That They Were Again?

By Gary Becks If you have been watching NFL football since anytime before the early 90s then I am absolutely sure that you remember what the Cowboys were and often wonder if they will return to their days of dominance over the NFL. There was a time when their were only two teams that meant […]

Let Urban Meyer Rest For Now

By Mia Jackson I continue to be amazed by the critics and journalists who have committed Urban Meyer to hell for his 48-hour retirement waffle. Do people truly believe that coaches and players have all been 100% certain of each statement they have shared with their administration and owners? I think not. I’m certain that […]

Michael Crabtree and His Deal With the 49ers

By Christopher M. Hall Well, it took long enough. After months of arguing and posturing, wide receiver Michael Crabtree has ended his holdout and signed with the San Francisco 49ers. So far, there has been no hint from Crabtree’s side as to what the final contract pays Crabtree. Usually the agent tends to leak this […]

Second Round Faux Pas

By Ryan C Coyle If you want to win in the NFL, it’s essential to draft well on a consistent basis. The cornerstone(s) of nearly every successful franchise comes from the draft (i.e. Tom Brady, Sydney Crosby (Yuck), Derek Jeter, Tim Duncan, etc, etc…). While this is not a secret, the Washington Redskins have found […]

Going to a New York Giants Football Game An Enjoyable Experience

By Robert Tobias Seeing sporting events live is always a fun thing to do.¬†Whatever sport it is, there’s always something exciting going on at some point or another.¬†But watching a professional football game in person, especially one at Giants Stadium with the New York Giants, stands out as one of the better options. Getting to […]

Calgary Vs Montreal Canadian Football League (CFL)

By Chandra Shaker Rao “Oh the winds of change are blowing”! It’s a commonly used phrase in the football industry when changes are deemed necessary to inject new life into a football team. “We’re moving in another direction.” This is supposed to soften the blow but in the end, it still means “You’re outta here.” […]

Andy Reid Speaks to the Media

By Michael J. Burke Andy Reid spoke to the media today for the last time before the game Sunday with the Chiefs. He spoke on a variety of different topics including the health of many players. Below are the key notes from his press conference. Injuries Todd Herremans – Out Dimitri Patterson – Out Quintin […]