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Stop Putting Yips With Common Sense

By Darell Mckissick Putting Yips. The very thought of them brings fear to average golfer and professional alike. Maybe its because the experts can not even agree as to what they are, much less what causes them. The effects also vary from player to player. Some will feel a jerkiness in their stroke, others will […]

Start Holing More Short Putts With These Golf Putting Tips!

By Jack D A Brown Have you ever thought about how many shots you are losing during a round of golf due to those missed Short Putts? I bet if you add up how many short putts you miss next time your out on the golf course (the ones within a couple of yards) you […]

Which Comes First Putting Style Or Putter Choice?

By Neville Walker Should your putter choice determine your putting style, or is it the other way around? This is a putting dilemma that every golfer faces – unfortunately getting the answer wrong most of the time. Putting style is a somewhat ambiguous term that describes the way a person putts. It can cover everything […]

Your Left Elbow Where Should it Point in Your Putting Stroke?

By Neville Walker Your left elbow forms part of the putting triangle recommended for the putting stroke. However, within this framework you have a degree of choice as how to manage its position. There is no right or wrong way to arrange your elbows at address other than to say that they should be free […]

The Proper Golf Swing How to Get More Power and Consistency

By J. Walston You can use this article as a necessary aid for demonstrating the importance of a proper golf swing. You see there is a certain technique, a certain approach and delivery that is different for everyone. Yet in this we can find some fundamentally common points for those to consider when they are […]

Driving Range Drills 4 Drills You Can Take to the Range to Improve Your Game

By Matthew Lord Good drills are important, because they help golfers of all ability levels improve their games. In this article, I am going to share with you 4 golf swing driving range drills that I have used myself to improve my game and start shooting lower scores on a consistent basis. 1. The first […]

Get Custom Golf Clubs Online

By Steven J Morrison Each golfer has a distinct physical characteristic and swing type. Sadly, having a custom fit set of clubs can be very expensive, and this has discouraged a lot of golfers from getting custom clubs and improving their game. The availability of custom golf clubs online has changed that. The traditional process […]

Top 3 Easy But Effective Tips For Improving Your Golf Swing Plane

By Rob Jeffries While you can change your golf swing plane to make it more effective, the question of the day is: how do you go about doing that? Here are some crucial facts about these golf swings. 1. Upright swings typically produce more accuracy. Do you want to hit the ball a thousand yards […]

Give the Gift of Hybrid Golf Clubs

By Johnny Hamm We all have someone special in our life who is an avid golfer. Many of us have several such people in our lives. One thing golfers have in common, and we can all attest to it, is their ability to regale us with stories of their great golf shots. But however many […]

4 Helpful Tips For Doing a Golf Downswing

By Rob Jeffries You can’t completely master any sport without the right posture. Although these postures differ from sport-to-sport, in mastering a sport you’ll need to master these particular poses. Not only will your game get a boost, but you’ll feel healthier too. Here are some helpful tips for perfecting your golf downswing. 1. Concentrate […]