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Music Routines on Floor Exercises to Wow the Judges

By Lance Winslow In gymnastics it is amazing how moving a floor exercise routine can be when the athlete matches the music and sparks the epitome of art, athleticism, and beauty all at the same time. Likewise, it is very obvious when a floor exercise and the music does not match the athlete, they seem […]

What You Should Know About Training in Gymnastics

By Paul Kramer Though the sport of rhythmic gymnastics is fairly new, much progress has been made not just within the United Kingdom but also on the international scene. Through sheer hard work and determination (along with a training schedule which is very much part time when compared to their Eastern European counterparts) British gymnasts […]

Gymnastic Hoop 5 Different Ways of Movement You Can Try in Your Movement Combinations

By Paul Kramer Having considered the swing and how it is used and developed with other apparatus, and by injecting your own ideas and innovations, the possibilities for movement ideas once again become quite numerous. This also applies to other actions like the turnover, and getting through the hoop, and having already suggested that the […]

Your Ten Year Old Brain Wants to Talk?

By H. Bernard Wechsler What’s Bill Gates Mindset? Can you learn something from him to make you more successful and prosperous, and a big-frog in your small pond? Did Bill Gates know from age 10 – he would be the richest person in the world? Of course not – but he could dream about being […]

Secrets For a Happy and Successful Gymnastic Life

By J Howard Focus First on the Natural Benefits of Gymnastics Parents should be satisfied with the benefits that gymnastics, in general, brings to their child and look on any competitive success just as more icing on the cake. Gymnasts are invariably among the most strong and fit athletes in their classes at school and […]

Development of Gymnastics What Other People Are Not Telling You About These

By Paul Kramer Since its inception in the United Kingdom in 1974, there has been much progress in all aspects of rhythmic gymnastics and in recent years new ideas have developed which have made the sport more interesting, more challenging and more demanding in terms of standards and expectations. In the fifteen years, as it […]

Gymnastics Balance Beam Basic Training Program Complex

By J Howard Balance beam is the most critical competition event for women because of the relative ease of falling off and the harsh deductions for a fall. A single fall can eliminate gymnasts from winning a medal in the beam event and often also in the All-around. Beam medallists are often the All-Around winners. […]

Gymnastic Moves What Other People Are Not Telling You About Body Waves Movement

By Paul Kramer To be able to isolate movement of various parts of the body requires a certain degree of flexibility, training in the correct technique is also required, and above all else a great deal of concentration on the job in hand. The body wave is such a fluid movement that a complete and […]