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Puntology A Review

By D J Bromley It is unusual to review a product before you have finished checking it out but with Puntology I am going to make an exception. I will try and explain to you why I am doing this. Puntology is a 12 month long course that is designed to get anyone from complete […]

Horse Racing Hedge Betting Good Idea Or Bad Money Management?

By Bill Peterson There has been a lot of publicity lately about hedge funds and I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at hedge betting. In horse racing handicapping, hedge betting is making several bets that offset each other. An example would be a favorite on top in exact as […]

Betting on Betfair Betting in Play

By D J Bromley Some events such as a horse race sprint can be over in less than a minute after they begin but other events can take longer. Some such as Wimbledon or the soccer season can last days or months. How often have you thought the outcome of an event would be one […]

Horse Racing Systems Dont Be the Lazy Man

By Ian R Parks Some people believe that all they have to do is pick out a few winners, place these bets with the bookies and take home a shed load of cash. Unfortunately this gets a lot of people into trouble. Horse racing is a complex subject and some people can’t be bothered to […]

Horse Racing Systems Stop Being a Butterfly

By D J Bromley I have never made any secret of the fact that I believe that punters should have a system and staking plan if they are to have consistent success. Some punters who accept this fact fail because they have a butterfly type of mind. They buy system after system often discarding them […]

New to Betting? Horse Racing Explained

By J Beith When you’re new to betting on horses there are a lot of questions you’d like to ask, but are usually afraid to do so because you may feel silly or embarrassed. Even the simplest of things can seem strange, so in this article we’re going to explain a few of the simpler […]

Horse Racing A Fascinating Experience

By Sherrie Jones Horse racing has fascinated people for thousands of years as far back as the days of Ancient Rome when chariots were raced, and this sport has always been a great way of keeping people entertained. If you have never been to a horse racing venue before you should seriously consider doing so, […]

Horse Racing Systems Devising Your Own System

By D J Bromley Horse Racing Systems can cost you anything from a few pence up to £100 or more. Some systems are presented in thick manuals full of charts, graphs and past results whilst others are just consist of a couple of typed pages. From experience I have found that the success of any […]

How to Stop a Losing Streak When Betting on Horse Races

By Bill Peterson Losing streaks are an unfortunate part of betting on horses. Sooner or later, if you are trying to make a living handicapping horse races, you will go on a losing streak. I think it is like catching the flu. You know you’re going to feel losing and have a rough time and […]

Can a Simple Horse Racing System Make Money and a Consistent Profit?

By Bill Peterson I am often asked if a simple horse racing system can really make money. You can find many easy horse racing betting systems and handicapping systems on the market and some promise to make money right out of the box. I’ve spent years developing simple horse racing systems and have some insight […]