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Spring Bear Hunting in Idaho

By M. Wade Lewis A few years ago, my cousin invited me spring bear hunting. I had never hunted bear, and did not know what to expect. The area he hunts is open to baiting, which is the technique he typically uses to locate his quarry. The use of bait in bear hunting is a […]

Night Vision Equipment For Any Situation

By Shawn A. Robinson Nearly half of the hours each day take place at night, under dark conditions. Most outdoor activities generally end when the sun goes down because humans inherently have poor natural night vision without the aid of some kind of artificial light. Most people just accept and deal with this fact simply […]

Duck Hunting Tips and Secrets

By Jeff Matura Keep Your Decoys Loose – Many duck hunters make the mistake of setting their decoys way to tight. When ducks are sitting tight on the water it’s most often because they are alert to danger and ready to take flight. Relaxed ducks on the water are typically spread out in small groups […]

Whitetail Deer Hunting Stalking

By Jelena Leger Stalk hunting whitetail deer is a very difficult endeavor. Stalking is a hunting method in which the hunter creeps to within shooting range of the deer. Although a trophy whitetail buck is an extremely wary adversary, with enough skill this hunting method can be extremely effective. Hunting whitetails by stalking requires long […]

Gun Safety While Hunting

By Jelena Leger Hunters are hitting the woods in large numbers these days. Deer hunting is especially popular. However, with more people carrying firearms in the woods and field, the potential for accidents increases. Each hunter should take the time to learn gun safety and put it to practice. To start, treat every gun as […]

Portable Hunting Cabin Plans

By Viola Bontrager When you are looking at portable hunting cabin plans, there are several things to keep in mind before you actually purchase them. I know, you can pick them up for pretty reasonable nowadays but hey, every buck counts, eh? Especially if it helps to keep you comfortable as you are out stalking […]

Best Caliber For Elk Hunting

By Chuck Ellisor What is the best caliber for elk hunting? This is an age old question that has been debated over many years by many hunting experts. When you talk about rifles and calibers it can get downright personal and emotional for some folks. The truth is that you want a caliber that will […]

Ultrasonic Handgun Cleaning For Fun and Profit

By Darryl Forsythe Hey if you’re like me you love to take your handguns out and spend Saturday afternoon either at the range or out in the boonies plinking away at targets or varmints. The downside is that if you’re going to keep your guns in tip top shape, they have to be claimed the […]

Ghillie Suits For Kids

By Chris M. Adams Kids love playing army, hiding and what not. Gone are the days of simply playing “army”, today kids go all out in fulfilling their imaginations. With unprecedented wealth, relatively compared to what we or our parents grew up with, parents are facilitating their kids imaginations by giving them more realistic costumes, […]

Bowie Knives

By James R Shaw The term “Bowie knife” does not refer to a specific company, as many believe. The term actually refers to a certain style of knife popularized by Colonel James “Jim” Bowie. Today, a bowie knife is any type of large sheath knife with a clip point. The first knives made for Jim […]