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4 Martial Arts For Learning to Kill With Your Bare Hands

By Tony James Mills While there are literally hundreds of styles of martial arts around the world far too many focus just on style and the sports elements and are not designed for actual combat and use for taking out a real opponent in a real life situation. Too many of these schools teach theory […]

Want to Punch Harder? Why Conditioning the Knuckles Doesnt Help You

By Raymond Murray There’s a lot of attention paid to conditioning the knuckles and the hands for martial arts practice. Martial artists who train for self-defense, or those who train for security services or bar bouncing both want to have rock-hard fists that can deliver a solid punch without getting injured. These guys have a […]

MMA Training Equipment What You Need and How to Use It

By Ciaran Lynch Mixed martial arts or MMA is now the fastest growing sport in the world. It started as what seemed like a spectacle of blood lust, where 2 men would enter the cage and only one would walk out. To be honest, looking back on the original UFC bouts where untrained fighters would […]

The Depth of Emptiness in Tai Chi Chuan

By Al Case Tai Chi Chuan is the art that preaches emptiness. One must move without force to realize the true depth of Tai Chi. And, in Tai Chi, you never run out of nothing. One must realize, of course, that there are degrees of emptiness. The beginning student will have one idea concerning this […]

How to Do a Step Over Side Kick

By Jay A. Jenkin There are not many kicks in the martial arts that can compare with a regular old sidekick for sheer power. Sure, other kicks are faster, or more sneaky, or even perhaps more impressive, but anyone who has seen a side kick smash through five or six boards will have no doubts […]

What Do I Need to Become a Ninja?

By Tony James Mills In order to become a ninja you will need to have the various tools of the trade, the knowledge on how to use them and the proper attitude. Becoming a ninja is much more than having a couple throwing stars and a sword. You need to first equip your mind before […]

4 Drills That Increase Kicking Power

By Mukesh Kr One of the best ways to create kicking power in martial arts students is to have them train on a heavy bag like the Wavemaster XXL. Some of the more basic drills with heavy bags are done by having the student repeatedly kick/punch the bag for a specific amount of time, for […]

Fedor Emelianenko Vs Brett Rogers Great Fight With Expected Victor

By Radovan Judoka The fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers took place this past Saturday, Nov. 7, at the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago. Both fighters were ready, both had quite a lot of fans and supporters. But the voices of fans of Fedor were little bit louder… The story so far… The viewers […]

Learn Street Fighting Techniques So You Can Win Your Next Fight!

By Steve Gib Take these helpful street fighting techniques and put them to use, because once you do you’ll be taking your martial arts abilities to the next level. There’s a clear difference between moves you’re taught to use in tournaments, and in your home dojo, and moves that you’ll be able to transition into […]

The Number One Reason So Many People Are Taken to the Ground in a Fight

By Cody Church Grappling and lack of balance general is what gets someone to the ground. The main reason that people lose their balance in a fight. Is because they are trying to do a power move before setting it up. For instance, every time you kick you are off balance. One foot is off […]